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The past year has seen some of the biggest changes in hockey in England for a generation and as the first season in the new Area structures draws to a close the new organisations are preparing for their AGMs. It has been an incredible effort from those volunteers to establish the new Areas and settle in to running things within the new structure. With any change of this magnitude there have been issues to resolve and improvements to make but the dedication and passion of those who have taken on the responsibility locally is unquestionable.

One of the underpinning principles of the governance changes was greater transparency and openness in the governance and as part of this, roles will regularly become available in the management and leadership structures of the Areas. All 8 Areas have very similar structures and roles available with different vacancies according to the make-up of each committee. If you are interested in a role within your Area, or want to find out more about what it’s about, then the information beneath sets out what opportunities there are.

If you are interested in a role please contact and we will signpost to the relevant Area representative.