Safeguarding Call To Action

What is Call to Action and how can my club achieve it?


England Hockey, and all affiliated clubs and organisations, have an ongoing responsibility to ensure that all young people are kept safe whilst participating in hockey. It is important that young people can enjoy hockey in a welcoming, positive and safe environment.

Call to Action (CTA) are a set of minimum safeguarding standards that all hockey clubs that have young people participating should be meeting. The minimum standards cover the topics of safeguarding policy, Welfare Officers, role recruitment, safeguarding training and reporting concerns. Many of these standards are also requirements for clubs who were looking to achieve Club Mark.

England Hockey requests that all clubs commit to these minimum standards on an annual basis. A continual commitment to these standards ensures that new and existing club volunteers are up to date in an ever-changing safeguarding and welfare environment. All clubs that complete this process should do so honestly and with the knowledge that England Hockey will support all clubs in their journey to meet the minimum standards.

The full list of Call to Action minimum standards can be found on the right of this page. The document also contains further guidance and links that clubs can use to help them achieve the minimum standards.