How it works

Tournament format across two countries


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Tournament format

Phase 1: Pool stages 1-7 July
The 16 teams have been ordered by World Ranking and split into four pools of four. Within the pools, each team plays each other once.

The teams that win each pool go straight through to the Quarter Finals. The teams finishing second and third in each pool go into the Crossover matches. The teams finishing bottom in each pool go into 9th-16th Classification matches from 10-13 July; meaning they are of course eliminated from winning the event.

Pools A and B take place in Netherlands, while Pools C and D are in Spain. England are in Pool B and if they win their pool, they remain in Netherlands for a quarter final on 12 July; then moving to Spain if they win that game. If England finish second, third or fourth in the Pool, they then play all of their remaining knockout or classification games in Spain.

Phase 2: Crossover and Classification matches 9-11 July
In this Crossover phase, all four teams who finished second in their pool play against all four teams who finished third, with games taking place on 9-10 July and the four winners going into the quarter-finals. The four losers would then go into the Classification event on 10-13 July, to determine rankings from 9-16.

As far as England are concerned in this phase, if they finish second in Pool B, they play on 10 July in Spain against the third placed team from Pool C. Alternatively if England finish third in Pool B, they face the second placed team from Pool C, also on 10 July in Spain.

Phase 3: Knockouts 12-17 July
The Quarter Finals take place on 12-13 July; two in Netherlands and two in Spain. 

Semi-Finals, Third-Fourth Place game and the Final all take place in Spain on 16-17 July.

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