Player Pathway System Support

The following Videos have been created to support Administrators with the setup of the new Player Pathway System.  If you have any questions about the resources provided please contact
Step One - Creating a Category
In this video, you will learn how to create your Category on the Player Pathway System.  The Category is used for making payments via the Player Pathway System.

Step Two – Creating your Centre, Squad and Venue Profiles
After Creating a Category, the next step is to create profiles for your Centre, Squad and Venue. This is the creation stage of the set up, you are putting various details on the system, for example your Venue, to be used later on in the set up. 

Step Three – Assigning an Administrator 
By this stage, you should have created your Squad, Venue and Centre profiles as well as a Category. This step involves assigning a County Administrator from the drop down menu as shown in the video. The names of the Administrators are already on the system; there is no need to create their profile. 

Step Four – Creating a Coach and Team Manager Profile
After assigning your Administrator, the next step is to create the Coach and Team Manager profiles. This is a very similar process to creating the other profiles for example a Centre profile.  

Step Five – Assigning the Coach and Team Manager Profiles 
Now you have created the various profiles, it is time to link all of these together.  This is key in order to make sure that a Squad has its own Team manager, Coach, Venue and centre linked with it on the system.  See how in the video below.

Step Six – Creating and Nominating a Player
Players will usually be bulk loaded on the system, however when you need to add a new individual to the system or move a player from one level to another, for example from an Academy Centre to a Performance Centre. This is called nominating a player; you can see how to do this below.