Investec Girls' Schools Championships

Girls' Schools Champs 1
For the 2019/20 season, England Hockey there are new formats for the Investec Girls' Schools Championships.
The draws for the Investec Girls' Schools U14 Tier 1 finals on 25 February and the U16 Tier 1, U16 Tier 2, U18 Tier 2 and U18 Tier 3 finals on 26-27 February  at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre are attached. 

You can buy tickets for the finals via this link

The draw for the lower tier  Investec Girls Schools Championships is also attached.  This is at Reading Hockey Club with the U14s on 2 March, U16s and U18s on 3 March 

You can also see details of the tournaments on our Competitions Management System by clicking HERE,  During the competitions you will be able to view live scores from the matches 
In addition the  draw for the quarter finals of the Investec Girls Schools U18 Tier 1 Championships  has been made.

The draw brings together the winners and runners up of the four area leagues that have been played since September.

The league winners are all allocated home ties and these are to be played on 5 March with the semis on the 12 March and the grand final at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on 19 March alongside the Boys U18 final.

Framlingham v St Georges
Millfield v Cranleigh
Repton v Dean Close
Surbiton High v Trent


In the Investec Girls' U18 Schools Tier 1 Championships, teams played in four area leagues with the top two teams qualifying for national quarter finals

The Investec Girls' U18 Schools Tier 2 Championships, is a knockout format with teams split into four areas up to the  latter stages of the draw whem it will go open. Teams who lose in the Preliminary, Round 1 or Round 2 stages then play in the Investec Girls' U18 Schools Tier 3 Championships, a parallel plate competition.

The Investec Girls' U16 Schools Tier 1 & Tier 2 Championships follows the same knockout format as the  U18 Tier 2 & Tier 3 

You can see details of the areas and the draws on the National Champioships Fixtures & Results page.

All of the Championships are pre-drawn until the final stages.

The Investec Girls' U14 Schools Tier 1 runs the traditional County-Regional-National format. In 2019-20, Counties and Regions also ran U14 Tier 2 and Tier 3; U16 Tier 3 and U18 Tier 4 Championships.

Regulations for the different championships can be seen by accessing the links belowe