Walking Hockey for Players

Walking mixed

Find your local Walking Hockey session at https://play.englandhockey.co.uk/WalkingHockey. Don't worry if your local session has already started as players can join at any point. New locations are added all the time by clubs, so keep checking back. 

National Walking Hockey Campaign 13 May to 23 June 2019

For the first time ever, clubs across the country are joining England Hockey in a National Walking Hockey Campaign, to increase visibility of this version of the game and encourage as many players as possible to stay in the sport.

Be part of this great event by heading along to your local session and encouraging your family and friends to join.

“It keeps your body active, but it is also good for your mind. People who face medical conditions and problems on a daily basis forget about them while they are on the pitch. It’s also a good way to combat loneliness and isolation because there’s a very sociable aspect to the sport. I’ve met people tonight who look forward to it every week.”

BBC broadcaster John Inverdale after taking part in Walking Hockey

What is Walking Hockey?

Walking Hockey is exactly as the name suggests - you play Hockey, walking. It’s designed to help people keep an active lifestyle regardless of age, health and ability, as well as getting those back into hockey who had to stop due to injuries or other reasons.

As well as the health benefits associated with most forms of physical activity; keeping fit and active, weight loss etc there are also many social health benefits that come with playing Walking Hockey. Taking time to socialise, meet new people or even build confidence are all part and parcel of taking part in this version of the game.

We would also love to know how you get on by sharing your stories, photos and videos with us. You can post them on our Facebook page or tweet us.