England Age Group Programme 2021 Trials

Information about the trials for the 2021 England age group programme


Firstly, thank you for your interest in the nomination process for our England Age Group programmes for 2021/22.

The purpose of the talent system is to support sustained success of elitedomestic and national teams, by finding and developing players who demonstrate the qualities to progress to senior elite level. This means developing a system which is accessible to as many players as possible and ensuring selection decisions are based on a combination of current performance level and future potential. 

For most players, nomination may be their first experience of England Age Group activity. Whatever the future holds, and whether they are selected for further involvement in the England Age Group programme or not, we are passionate about it being a positive experience for every player. So that we can support this, we would ask you to commit a small amount of focused time on the resources below and familiarise yourself with the nomination process outlined. Before completing a player nomination please:  

  • Read this guidance document fully. We suggest you note down the answers to all of the player qualities before starting the nomination form

At this stage, we would like to acknowledge that we are evolving a more open method to identify players for England Age Group activity.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Should you have any queries relating to the nominations process - or if you are unsure if you should be nominating a player or not - please get in touch with your contact within the talent system for some advice. If you are not sure who to contact, please reach out to Dieter Hill, England Hockey's Junior Talent Development Manager, via email at dieter.hill@englandhockey.co.uk

*Futures Cup non-travelling reserves and those players unable to be considered for Futures Cup due to injury or illness (already known to us) will be invited to attend open trials. England Hockey will communicate directly with these players during week commencing 20 September.