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Age Bands 

England Hockey have received requests to consider an amendment to the current age banding protocols which exist in the Player Pathway. Players are currently banded based on their year of birth (1 January - 31 December) with the request to adapt age banding, linking instead to school age (1 September - 31 August).  

Currently the international, England Age Groups and player pathway activity is based on the calendar year e.g., U15 refers to players 14 or under on 1 January. Clubs and schools use the academic year e.g., U15 refers to players 14 or under on 31 August. This means there is a four-month disparity across the environments, commonly known as age trapping. 

England Hockey has considered, in consultation with the Player Pathway Committee, whether to revert to the 1 September age band for County (Sub Area) hockey. 

Reasons to change:  

  • Simplifies administration by aligning Player Pathway activity with clubs and schools. 
  • Easier for players, parents, coaches, and all involved to understand. 
  • Most players move ‘through’ the age groups with their peer group. 
  • Disparity in age bandings/ and issues of age-trapping will only impact a small number of players at England Age Group level rather than a larger number involved in the Player Pathway.

 Therefore, from 1 September 2021 the following age bands will come into place in County (Sub Area) Hockey. 

 U13 U14 u15  u16  u17  
Sep-21  Sep 08-Aug 09 Sep 07-Aug 08  Sep 06-Aug 07  Sep 05-Aug 06  Sep 04-Aug 05  

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