Performance Centre

Provides frequent high quality training for 14-17 year olds


Performance Centre Activity

Performance Centres are run by Regional Hockey Associations.  Players take part in 10 evening sessions, five day sessions and up to four competition days at one of 17 performance centres. 

Contact details for your Regional administrator are:

Getting involved

Players are nominated to attend a Performance Centre by their Academy Centre. Players can be nominated from the U15 and U17 age groups. Players who consistently demonstrate strong skills are invited to Performance Centres

If you are not selected for a Performance Centre do not worry, you should continue to develop your hockey through school, club and Academy Centre activity. You may be nominated to attend a Performance Centre later in the season.

Entry and Exit points

Players enter Performance Centre in September. There are transition points during the year where players may be selected for a Performance Centre.

England Age Group Programme and Performance Centre

Any player in the England Age Group Programme will not attend Performance Centre.

However, subject to agreement with the Junior Talent Development Manager and the regional Performance Centre an England Age Group player may attend Performance Centre as an additional training environment.

Attending more than one Performance Centre

Players who cannot reasonably be expected to travel to the same Performance Centre from both their residential (home) address and their school address will be allowed to attend two centres.

To gain an understanding of what it's like to attend a Performance Centre, please watch the video below.