Game Management System - Players

Everything you need to know about the new GMS system as a player


The Game Management System (GMS) is England Hockeys new system to record all hockey matches in England.

It is designed to hold all club team and player records as well as game data entered by the team captains or managers.

It is the start of the future for hockey, it will be the home of player profiles which will hold a digital history of games played, match reports and more.

This system is the beginning and is taking its first steps in introducing a common platform for fixtures and results. 

The initial launch of GMS will focus on ensuring the basic requirements are all in place. We will be rolling out more functionality and improvements in the planned development phases, over the coming months. The GMS is focused on streamlining competition administration for clubs and administrators. GMS will not replace the club management systems that clubs use. 

If you have any questions please read the FAQ's first and input into the questions log. For anything urgent please contact the GMS support email.