Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Framework



England Hockey's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Framework is designed to support everyone in the sport with clear steps that can be taken together to address inequalities that exist within the game.

The framework consists of actions and initiatives aimed at achieving four key outcomes: 

• To reflect society and ensure hockey remains relevant in the 21st century; 
• To ensure safe, respectful, inclusive cultures valuing and welcoming everyone; 
• To create access for anyone from any background to participate in hockey; and 
• Ensure the reputation of hockey is regarded as excellent in its commitment to ED&I 

Download a copy of England Hockey's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Framework

England Hockey would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of this framework, by coming forward and sharing their stories & lived experiences, contributing to surveys and providing wider feedback from inside and outside hockey. It has been a collective approach with time taken to listen, enabling us to gather a wider view and present it back in the framework. This document will evolve and change and we are committed to making a real difference.

England Hockey has committed to reviewing the work that is aligned to the framework on a yearly basis, download a copy of The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Framework -  The First Year.

While there is much to be proud of, we also need to acknowledge the opportunity for structural and cultural change within hockey and not be afraid to act.

England Hockey CEO Nick Pink says "This framework is hugely important both for England Hockey and the whole sport - it is crucial to the continued growth of hockey in this country.  We must all recognise that we have a responsibility to make hockey more diverse, accessible and relevant. While there is much to be proud of, we also need to acknowledge the opportunity for structural and cultural change within hockey and not be afraid to act. We have made an organisational commitment to put ED&I into all that we do for the game, and I ask that anyone who shares the commitments as laid out in the framework to join us, commit to positive change, and help us all make a real difference."

Angela Durnin, England Hockey Board member and chair of the Advisory Group said, “The enthusiasm and constructive dialogue which has been prevalent throughout the development of this framework has been infectious. Open, honest and emotive sharing of experiences and hopes for a more inclusive and diverse culture in hockey. 

“We believe the ambitions set out in this framework will resonate and help shape your own actions. If we all work collaboratively, we can build upon the amazing initiatives already underway – opening the doors to our sport for those who have been unable to participate so far.“ 

If you have comments or feedback on the framework, or any other thoughts on ED&I that you would like to share please email inclusion@englandhockey.co.uk

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