What Makes A Great Club

The best clubs aim to give every player the best experience of our sport making more, better, happier players in a sustainable club environment

mens team celebrating

We know that every club has a unique set of circumstances and our guide sets out a framework to provoke discussion. There is no perfect approach and many ways for clubs to be successful, so it isn’t possible to provide one template to fit all.

Clubs are at the heart of this vision, providing opportunities for players across all backgrounds and levels of play.   

Running a club takes vision and drive, and it can often be difficult for leaders to balance short-term priorities with longer-term objectives. Balancing the ambitions of different parties within the club and creating a vision that others buy into is critical to success; this was beautifully demonstrated by Martyn Reah and his U12 Havant Girls squad. Excellent leadership can encourage increased recruitment of the right people into the right roles on the committee to ensure the long term success of the club.

There are seven key strands and a brief overview of each is below, along with a few questions for clubs to consider and links to appropriate material to help you embed the strand at your club.

Want to find out more? An in-depth resource into the seven strands is available to download, you can contact us at clubs@englandhockey.co.uk or please talk to your Club Development Manager. To find your local contact, please click here.