Disclosure And Barring Service (DBS) Checks

Everything you need to know about DBS

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What is the DBS?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) are a government run organisation which aids organisations in making safer recruitment choices. They do this by processing and issuing DBS checks that discloses any criminal convictions, warnings, cautions or reprimands held in England or Wales. They also maintain adult and child barred lists and make decisions on whether individuals should be added to said lists.

Who requires a DBS check?

A DBS check is required for anyone who is working or volunteering in a role that is in ‘regulated activity’ with anyone under the age of 18. Hockey clubs and associations have a legal requirement to not knowingly employ anyone who is working in ‘regulated activity’ who is on the child barred list. Anyone who is or planning to work in regulated activity with under 18s in hockey is required to perform an enhanced DBS check with a child barred list check included. This check must be performed every three years.

Where can I get a DBS check?

All DBS checks through hockey clubs and associations are performed though a company called First Advantage. Clubs and Areas who need to perform DBS checks will have an account set up with First Advantage and at least one DBS Verifier who will be able to manage the check from start to finish. If your role requires you to obtain a DBS check, please contact your club's DBS Verifier.

Are checks from within and outside of hockey portable?

DBS checks completed through hockey clubs and areas are portable within hockey. Ports can be done by using an England Hockey  DBS Portability Form, which when sent to England Hockey give permission for DBS information to be shared between clubs or Areas.

England Hockey do not accept DBS checks performed outside of member hockey clubs and Areas unless the individual has signed up to the DBS Government Update Service and is enhanced with a child barred list check included. All status checks must be performed through England Hockey centrally.

If you wish to port your certificate via the DBS Government Update Service, contact safeguarding@englandhockey.co.uk

Is someone who has recently moved to England eligible for a DBS check?

For anyone who is working in regulated contact with children but has been living in England for less then 2 years, an DBS check is not appropriate. Instead, an Overseas Criminal Record (OCR) check will be needed from the country where the individual had previously been living. Once completed, the OCR will be valid for two years, after which a DBS check will be required. 

 If you have any specific questions around OCR please contact sara.davies@englandhockey.co.uk.

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