Schools Membership

Maximise your learning and sense of community by becoming a member of the England Hockey Schools Membership scheme

School children playing hockey in a sports hall

Schools are a key delivery partner for hockey, and where many people play the sport for the first time. England Hockey has produced a range of adapted formats and equipment, along with support materials and guidance to support and encourage the delivery of hockey in schools at all levels.

To make it easier for schools to access support to deliver more fun, safe, and enjoyable hockey opportunities, we’ve developed a schools membership offer which aims to bring together and enhance the range of support available for schools and teachers.

We recognise that the extent of hockey delivery in schools varies. Some schools have well established and well-developed hockey delivery, whereas others are new to the sport, or maybe just starting to consider whether hockey is a sport that they could deliver at their school.

If you have any questions about Schools Membership or need some further support please get in touch.

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