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Morpeth celebrate their pitch opening

England Hockey is well underway writing a National Facilities Strategy, and we need your help to ensure we get the right facilities in the right places for hockey.

The National Facilities Strategy will underpin the needs for hockey over the coming years, and it is important we understand the current state of the hockey stock. We anticipate there are approximately 500 pitches alone due for refurbishment.

As a sport we are only 17% asset owning, meaning we rely heavily upon 3rd party providers to allow us significant access to the facilities on which our sport is played. It will be important moving forwards we secure the future of a number of sites and this work will help us to help you.

Over the next few months we will be looking to collect a few pieces of information from all hockey clubs. A number of you will have already provided this information to your Regional Hockey office, but we still have quite a bit of information missing.

The templates below can be downloaded (NB make sure you click on the 2facilities tab at the bottom of the page to get started) and the information filled in and returned to your regional office. Alterntatively  you can answer the questions below and send back.


Name of Club

Answers provided by






1.    Name of facility / pitch  used 1?


Please provide the full name of the  facility and location post code if know.

2.    Name of facility / pitch used 2?


Please provide the full name of the  facility and location post code if know.

3.    Percentage of your home hockey / training hockey played on pitch 1?


If you only use one pitch this will be 100%. An estimate is fine.

4.    Percentage of your home hockey / training played on pitch 2?


If you use more than 2 pitch provide this information below the table.

5.    Your view on the condition of the pitch 1?


Please grade as one of the following

6.    Your view of the condition of pitch 2?



Red – Condition is poor in need of urgent refurbishment

Amber - Condition is average with need refurbishment in around 5 years.

Green - Condition generally good.   

7.    Other information / Pitch 1?


General comments / year built / refurbished etc?

8.    Other information pitch 2?


General comments / year built / refurbished etc?


Some clubs are difficult to classify due to geographical regions, Middlesex, Black Country etc if you cant find your club, please add them to the 2nd tab on the download or contact your regional office for assistance.
We are also still uploading the final templates, for the Midlands, Berks and Middlesex so check back for an update later this week, or simply fill in the information above and email back.