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FIH Logo Feature BoxIn March 2011 the International Hockey Federation (FIH) introduced a new regulation which affects anyone playing hockey outside England and anyone organising an event involving teams from outside England. 

This regulation covers everyone regardless of age, gender and standard so includes juniors and masters.

Anyone player wishing to play outside England is required by the FIH to obtain a No Objection Certificate from England Hockey. England Hockey has decided to issue a blanket No Objection Certificate to anyone playing outside England provided:
  1. The event is sanctioned by the National Hockey Association of the country hosting the event.
  2. The player seeking the No Objection Certificate has not played hockey for England at Under 18, Under 21 or Senior level within the last 5 years. *
It is the individual's responsibility to ensure they meet these two criteria. Failure to do so will mean that they are not covered by the blanket No Objection Certificate and they could be sanctioned for playing  outside England without a No Objection Certificate and not be eligible to play in the event. Individual No Objection Certificates covered by this blanket sanction will not be issued and anyone requiring a certificate should provide a copy of this page. 

*any senior or junior international players wishing to obtain a No Objection Certificate should contact the Performance Department at England Hockey via

Furthermore the FIH Regulation also requires any event involving a team from outside England to be sanctioned by England Hockey AND:
  1. If it involves teams only from within Europe, the event must be sanctioned by the European Hockey Federation.
  2. If it involves teams from outside Europe then the event must, in addition, also be sanctioned by the FIH.
In a further initiative to reduce the burden caused by these FIH Regulations England Hockey hereby gives a blanket No Objection Certificate to any affiliated club, County or Regional Association organising an event involving teams from outside England. However the requirement to obtain the approval of the European Hockey Federation and the FIH cannot be removed and organisers are required to obtain the necessary approval from them. 

Players, managers and organisers of events should note that the FIH have made no special arrangement for a GB solution so Scotland and Wales are naturally considered to be outside England and the same regulations apply. 

It is also essential that anyone organising an event ensures that any player involved who is not qualified to play for England holds a current No Objection Certificate from their National Association. 

An event is defined as a match or series of matches. 

England Hockey reserves the right to withdraw its sanction for any event that doesn’t comply with the spirit of the game, its Rules and Regulations and other considerations such as, but not limited to, child welfare, anti doping and the requirements of the national teams. 

It is expected that the FIH and EHF will issue further details regarding these new regulations and the England Hockey will make these available to our members as soon as possible. These new requirements will also be incorporated into England Hockey regulations immediately.

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