National Youth Panel a new identity

National Youth Panel 2011
The England Hockey National Youth Panel chaired by Harry Stickland of Southampton University held its first meeting of the new hockey season on 20th September and number one on the agenda was the distribution of new kit.

National Youth Panel 2011

The first items to arrive are the new Adidas black and yellow shirts ready for all indoor volunteering activities and coming next are matching jackets. No one is going to miss out on recognising the Youth Panel this season!
National Youth Panel 2011 National Youth Panel 2011
The Panel works closely with the England Hockey to help lead and shape youth volunteering within the sport. They also play a very active and visible role at all major events including the National Mini Hockey Championships, the London Cup and the Maxifuel SuperSixes at Wembley. They are the funzone, they are the hidden side of Jasper and Jess and they are the main recruiting agency for university ball patrols and event volunteers!

There are three new recruits to the NYP for 2011 and they are Helen Jelley, Jesseye Mann and Alexandra Spencer. England Hockey welcomes them to the panel and looks forward to working with them in what is to be a very busy but special year with the Olympic Games coming to London.