Sports Coach UK - Coaching Survey

Research shows there is a lot of work to be done across the sports coaching sector to encourage Black and Minority Ethnic groups to get involved in coaching. 

The challenge faced by many when trying to implement “inclusive” coaching systems is that in many cases there is a distinct lack of quality information. This is why Sports Coach UK is carrying out a survey to find out more about coaching. 

Research already shows that coaches from Black and Minority Ethnic communities are unrepresented in coaching but often it is not clear why. To try and shed some light on this Sports Coach UK are supporting Sporting Equals with a piece of research they are doing with coaches and potential coaches. Critically this is recognised as one of the first pieces of coaching research that goes beyond treating non-white coaches as one homogenous group of people who all think and act the same. For example are issues facing female Asian coaches the same as male Black African coaches? 

Hopefully this will provide a level of information that we've never had before and could lead to some new ideas about recruiting, developing and retaining coaches. Sports Coach UK have seen some preliminary results of this project so far and it’s exciting to see information that finally starts to unravel the true complexity of coaching within a diverse group of people.

Get involved with the research:

If you want to get involved in this research please pass on the links below (closing date for the surveys is 16 Nov) to any individual/groups/organisations that you feel may want to contribute.

Survey for coaches:

Survey for participants who may be thinking of coaching: