European qualification for England Hockey photographer Ady Kerry

The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) has conferred the qualification of Qualified European Photographer (QEP) on Wingham photographer Ady Kerry in the sports reportage category.

Ady submitted a panel of 12 images to an international jury selected from the national photographic organisations across Europe.  The images feature hockey, football, cricket, golf, boxing, swimming, rugby and athletics.

Nat Seymour - Ady Kerry award

The QEP Distinction is given in various specializations demonstrating their technical competence and creativity in their chosen field.  There are currently less than 50 photographers in the UK holding QEP qualifications and only 4 in Europe with a sports reportage specialization.

Ady says “I have been working towards this for a couple of years now and am honoured that my work is at a level where it compares with some of the best photographers in Europe.”

He continues “having recently had one of the submitted images also placed in the Black and White Spider awards for 2011, which is a worldwide competition, reinforces my desire to continue to strive to improve the quality and creativity of my work. The FEP has a Master QEP award which I shall now work towards.”

Editors note:
Remaining entry images are available from Ady Kerry QEP, ABIPP, ARPS,