Synopsis of England Hockey meeting November 2011

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, David Faulkner, Sally Munday, Katy Roberts, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Ben Rea, Holly Woodford, Katie Dodd, Chris Darling.

In attendance: Sue Bodycomb, Andy Borrie representing GB Hockey 

Apologies: Apologies were received from Nick Chilton, Jilly Holroyd, Simon Mason and Richard Leman

The Board completed updated Registers of Interests.

Declarations of Interest
Declarations of interest were received from:
Andy Borrie – New Domestic Product.

Minutes of 27 September 2011 meeting

a) Accuracy
The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate record.
London Cup – Katie Dodd requested assurance that following the wash-up meeting of the London Cup lessons learned had been taken into account. Jonathan Cockcroft and Ian Wilson confirmed that a detailed review had taken place as part of the planning for 2012’s LC.

Rush Hockey – it was suggested that discipline matters need to be reviewed.  It was confirmed that discussions are being held and that the activator present at the Rush sessions would be responsible for ensuring all providers and participants sign up to the Code of Ethics.  It was agreed that the discipline rules will only refer to the formal element of Rush. IW confirmed that the Rush disciplinary rules would work alongside the existing match day regulations and CHA’s would be kept in the loop to ensure anyone banned in either code would be prevented from playing in the other.  

b) Matters arising and Action Items
With regard to the current make up of the Constitution and Regulations Committee, the Committee felt there was no immediate need for change, however, consideration would be given to succession planning.

Adopt a Nation – discussions are underway and once a proposal has been agreed will be presented to the Board.

1. Executive Directors’ Report
As read.
The following areas were highlighted:
  • The appointment of a Business Development Manager has evidenced the benefit of a more proactive sales process – 5 additional 1908 club members.
  • Maxifuel Super Sixes ticket sales have now reached 1,600 tickets, and whilst there is still a long way to go, ticket sales are ahead of the same period last year.
  • It is highly likely that the BBC will provide televised coverage of the Test event.
  • Rush Hockey – the game is up and running with 56 sites now live.  University take up is good, with 15 sites currently live.  The delays with the IT platform meant a change in strategy to ‘come and try’ sessions and the RMs continue to sign up partners.  Feedback, both direct and via social media is positive.    We are confident that the product is right and the licensing agreements are fit for purpose.   
  • With regard to the legacy pitch at Eton Manor, discussions are ongoing to ensure that the  pitches meet the original bid promise of being the same as the Olympic pitches.
  • The results of the Sport England/UK Sport Annual Governance Audit were very positive and we have maintained our green rating.  There will be a routine on-site audit early in January 2012. 
  • HiPac and Futures Cup were both very successful events this year and we are definitely seeing an increase in talent level.   There has been an increase in the number of young officials and coaches and we are seeing enhancements in terms of their development.  It is recognised that in order to sustain this level of activity investment in volunteers, training and staffing must be a consideration for the future.  
  • The performance team are now planning for the Rio cycle (as per UK Sport requirements) and reviews are underway in preparation for draft submission to them in February 2012.  Funding has been approved for the School Games in May 2012. 
  • The impact of the coach pathway within the Single System has gone way beyond our expectations and significant progress is being made particularly with female coaches in the game.
  • The recent Hockey Nation Roadshows have been very well received.  The Relationship Managers are now following up with clubs and providers to ensure they are fully engaged in 2012.
  • With regard to future KPI reporting, it was agreed that a charted RAG system was an acceptable format for the Board to receive an overview of progress to date.  It was suggested that this clearly indicate trends and that a consolidated approach be taken to clearly identify measures.
  • Mission 2012 – an update was presented to the Board.  This is the progress report submitted 3 times per year to UK Sport via GB Board.  Every sport is represented and the information is put on a tracker board for all to see, including journalists, who get an opportunity to talk through the progress of the sports. It has been extremely valuable in indentifying issues e.g. obtaining assistance for facilities at Bisham Abbey and Lilleshall.
2. Help our Clubs and Associations to develop and thrive.

a. Volunteer Awards Review
As read.
The recent review indicated a significant drop in club associated awards nominations and votes.  It was agreed that whilst this was an important event in our calendar some changes were required to improve the process and the profile of the event.

The Board approved the following recommendations:
  • To create a brand and logo for the Awards to give a greater presence in the hockey family
  • To provide more incentives for nominations and more substantial prizes for winning
  • To look for sponsorship for each award
  • To write an Action Plan in December 2011
  • To write a Marketing and Communication Plan in December 2011
  • To Ensure the Relationship Managers are part of the promotional team to encourage higher level entries
  • To change Club Umpire of the Year to Umpire of the Year.
3. Raise the sport’s profile and improve communication
a. New Domestic product (NDP)
Stuart Robertson former Marketing Manager at the ECB, who was instrumental in the launch of Twenty20 cricket, attended to assist with the discussion.  Jonathan Cockcroft and Stuart Robertson presented a paper detailing the progress made within the steering group.  

Broadly the product is still well-received by all stakeholders and board members had no major objections.  It was felt that some consumer research for any last minute fine tuning might be useful.  It was agreed that further research be presented at the January Board to allow a decision to be made at the March Board.

b. London Cup Budget for 2012
Jonathan Cockcroft presented a proposal for the 2012 Investec London Cup. There was a discussion around the interrogation of costs from last year, the confidence around ticket sales and the investment from Investec, which could lead to TV coverage.  There is some uncertainty with regard to the men’s involvement, however, there is confidence that the event can stand alone as a women’s event.  It was agreed that as the last international event before the Olympics, it was an important part of the 2012 calendar in terms of raising the profile of the sport.

4. Enhance the quality of governance and operations
a. 2013-2020 strategy planning
The Board continued to work on the Strategy.  Work will continue early in the New Year.
b. Year End Management Accounts
As read
IW presented the initial draft of the Year End Accounts.  The Audit has been completed and the Auditors are satisfied with their findings.    The surplus for the year is £129k, bringing the total of our reserves to £1.3m, which, although healthy, is some way below the target (six months non performance operating expenses) of £2.9m.
c. September Management Accounts
As read.
Nothing of concern to highlight.  Affiliation fees are a bit behind as clubs hold on to their money as long as possible.  Regional Secretaries are now involved in chasing late payers.
October numbers are now ready and show a surplus £604k against a budget of £607k.  
d. England Hockey Committees review
As read
e. Risk Register
As read

The Board considered the Register and agreed the following additions:
  • IPL - Professional Hockey League in India 
  • 3G Turf 
  • Trademark issues
  • Reputation of England Hockey damaged by Volunteers
f. RCC
The Board discussed the proposals that came from the recent RCC meeting.

5. AOB

Following the meeting with the FA, Sally Munday updated the Board.