England Hockey Board Meeting - January 2012

The next England Hockey meeting will be on Monday 30th January. A copy of the Agenda is below:

1. Executive report for noting (including report on operational plan) 
2. Achieve International Podium Success.
a) MCT New Zealand for noting.
3. Raise the sports profile and improve communication.
a) New Domestic Product for progress and next steps for approval
4. Enhance the quality of governance and operations
a) 2011/12 Affiliation data and Sport England data comparison for noting
b) Statutory accounts and audit committee report for approval
c) Management Accounts to December 2011 for noting
d) England Hockey Committees recent meetings key outcomes and actions
e) 2013 – 2017 strategy development and next steps (Mel Bennett National Manager joining for this item) for approval
f) Board effectiveness and skills development for approval (after lunch with Bridget Jolliffe) 
g) RCC report.
5. AOB.
a) Board meeting dates 2012.