England Hockey meeting,

Synopsis of England Hockey Meeting – November 2007
(Note- these are not the minutes)
In attendance: Philip Kimberley (Chair), Richard Leman, Sue Catton,  Chris Darling,  Nick Chilton, Ben Rea, David Faulkner, Ian Wilson, Barry Snellgrove, Martin Gotheridge and Andy Tapley.

Apologies from Bryn Williams, David Collier and Sally Munday

1. Minutes of 18 September 2007

• Accuracy – with some minor amendments the minutes were approved.

• Matters arising
o The meeting was advised that the Hockey Family statue from the National Hockey Stadium is going on loan to Highfields Hockey Centre, but is currently awaiting some repair work by the sculptor.
o Foundation meeting – Ben Rea reported on the current position of the National Hockey Foundation.
o Umpiring committee consultation – Nick Chilton reported that some of the associations have asked for more time to respond. 
o LX Club – now to be called the LX Club and not LX England club.

2. Medals in 2010 and 2012

2.1 Great Britain

• Great Britain Hockey Ltd Board meeting and Review
Richard Leman reported on the recent GB Board meeting in Manchester. It had been agreed that the nominated country senior executive will be designated the Chief Operating Officer of GB.  As regards the FTSE partnership initiative all 3 Home Nations were now working with Centrica.  Reference the company secretary situation, the decision was to keep the current company secretary as a paid role; undertaking the Presidential election first and, once appointed, look at the company secretary situation.  The board also discussed the GB review of England’s performance as the nominated country.

• Mission 2012 submission to UK Sport
The board was updated on the situation with regard to UK Sport’s introduction of the quarterly reporting system. 

• GB President appointment
With regard to the process for interviewing/selection, the advertisement had been posted on 5 web sites, with the closing date set for mid December. 

• 2009-13 Nominated Country application 
The meeting was advised that the GB Board had asked for expressions of interest to act as the nominated country for the next Olympic cycle. 
2.2 England

• EuroHockey Nations Championships reports
• Men’s Report  -
David Faulkner outlined the key points from his report. It had been a particularly difficult period in September due to the uncertainty of the Olympic qualification process.  World ranking moved from 10th to 9th.  He highlighted the objectives for 2007/08 GB programme.  Reference the role of the indoor in relation to the overall programme; the meeting was advised that the purpose of the indoor teams was to support the long term Olympic outdoor programme. 
• Women’s Report –
The board was updated on the August forum with premier league clubs. It had given people a better understanding of why the players were not involved in club hockey.  It was important to build a performance culture of understanding and working together with the clubs.  At the next meeting the forum will have an update of the performance plan so that they are fully engaged. 

• Centrally Contracted Coaches (CCC’s) process
Jane Powell was welcomed to the meeting. A presentation was then made to the Board on both Centrally Contracted Coaches and the Level 4 Award.

With reference to CCCs:
• 85 applications were received with 68 being interviewed; with the short-listing being conducted by Regional Committees.

The CCCs underwent a rigorous induction process as follows:
• Four Nations Tournament-Exeter
• GB Super League- Manchester
• Champions Trophy-Boom, Belgium
• EuroHockey Nations-Manchester
• Indoor European Championships in Sheffield January 2008

The CCCs have now completed the following work:
• Coaches Courses:
o South - 2 Courses – 36 coaches attended
o West - 2 Courses – 38 coaches attended
o East - 1 Courses - 28 coaches attended
o North - 3(4-IOM) Courses 62 attendees
o Midlands - 1 course planned- 20 attendees
• Junior Regional Programmes:
o East -28 days, North 5 days, South 4 days, Midlands 3 days
28/29coaches have been appointed to date

With regard to the Level 4 Award:

 Hockey has been selected as one of 6 sports to be a Pilot Sport:
- Cricket, Rugby League, Squash, Golf, Swimming, Hockey

 Working with University of Central Lancashire to develop the award as part of The Pentagon group:
- Hockey, Rugby League, Basketball, Squash, Table Tennis

The board discussed the entry criteria and the likely cost.
3. Transparent Pathway

• 2009-13 strategy planning process – the board, the RCC and chairs of the main committees would be meeting on 6th December as the first step towards putting together the 2009-13 strategic plan.
• Single System update – The board was updated on current progress with the centralised calendar and junior competitions framework.

4. Financial Independence

• CRM –
 Ian Wilson updated the board on progress with the selection of the new CRM system.

• Draft year end accounts –
The board was taken through the draft year end accounts. The final version would go to the Audit Committee shortly and then come back to the board for approval in January

• Membership scheme update – Chris Jensen joined the meeting.  
o Club Affiliations now at 950 as at 19.11.07.  Good feedback from the regions on the process.
o Personal Membership Scheme consultation– now have the outline and Chris Jensen has been in touch with some key volunteers in each region to get their ideas as to what they would expect from a membership scheme. The Coaching/Umpiring committees have also given their input and the RCC will be consulted at their next meeting.
o Scheme outline – Chris Jensen talked the meeting through the various different levels of potential membership and how the log in system would work through each level.  She advised that it was important to keep the offers genuine to the hockey world.  There was a lot more work to be done with a final proposal coming to the Board in January. 
o Broadband TV – a steering group has now been formed and outlined the current progress to date.

5. Admired identity

• EuroHockey Nations Championships – ticket sales – EH were disappointed with the number of spectators.  Approximately 6,000 different people attended the event, each staying on average 3 days.  The board discussed possible reasons including the difficulty of attracting school parties outside term time.
• Eurohockey Nations Championships -Final post event report – now complete. 
• Outstanding actions – UK Sport to receive final set of EH accounts. UK Sport had commented that hockey was extremely highly regarded in terms of the delivery of events and had felt it was one of the best events over the past few years. 

• Capitalise PR proposal – Capitalise had produced a PR report following EHNC and had made a proposal for future PR work. The board considered the proposal and agreed to consider the matter further with additional information in January

• Future international events– The board discussed plans to host future international events and possible locations.

• National Indoor Finals – no longer have Qatar as sponsor, so therefore have no title sponsor at present.  The board discussed the implications of the loss of this sponsorship revenue.

• European Indoor Championships, Sheffield – The board was updated on progress.

6. Other

• Executive Reports – taken as read. 

• Risk Register – the latest version was put before the meeting.  Will remain work in progress, office situation will also be included on the register. The Board approved the latest version of this document

• Bingolotto – Board agreed to go ahead with this.  .

• Long Pile Turf pitches (LPT)– The board discussed issues raised by the use of LPT pitches for competitive hockey. Additional information had been sought from the FIH on their latest approach to such pitches.  The FIH policy is that the lab report shows that LPT is not suitable for hockey.  The Board agreed to ban the use of Long Pile Turf pitches and only recommend pitches in line with FIH recommendations.

• Community Club Development Programme funded facility– Eastcote’s facility will be opened on 9 December. 

• Non-Executive Director and Officer election cycle – The board considered the likely pattern.

• European Hockey Federation nominations – The board discussed possible nominations to EHF committees.

• Any Other Business

o Matchday Misconduct Offences – meeting to be arranged between Chair of Competitions and EHL committees and Cons and Regs to review the regulations

o Advert for new members to see if anyone wanted to join Cons and Regs Committee

o Veterans – discussed funding of veterans teams and it was agreed that a paper would be put together for the January board meeting.   

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 5.15 pm.