England Hockey Board Synopsis - May 2012

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Katy Roberts, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Holly Woodford, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, David Faulkner. Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea.

In attendance: Simon Mason, Sue Bodycomb, Richard Leman

Apologies: Apologies were received from Jilly Holroyd.

Declarations of Interest
Andy Tapley declared his employment with LOCOG.

Minutes of 20 March 2012 meeting

a) Accuracy
The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
b) Matters arising and Action Items
 With regard to the Oxfordshire school engagement, Holly Woodford updated the Board on the position and the steps being taken through the Hockey Nation programme to address the issues.

National Hockey Foundation- Alex Teasdale is working with the NHF to capture the data. Ben Rea confirmed that the NHF focus on increasing junior numbers.

Drought- guidance had been issued to clubs in April.

1. Executive Directors’ Report
As read with the following points to note:

Sally Munday reflected on the high level of activity that was outlined in the report.  

U16 Girls – Katie Dodd asked whether David Faulkner was concerned about their results. David Faulkner advised that the issue had been flagged internally 12 months ago, particularly the standard of girl’s hockey at 14-16 years. They do catch up with their European peers at U18 and U21 but interventions will be considered after the Olympics.

Sally Munday highlighted the PR successes of the Hockey Nation programme over the last 2 months. Richard Leman asked whether the legacy aspirations for volunteering were being met and Holly Woodford confirmed that the Hockey Maker programme was recruiting 1,500 volunteers, many of which would be new volunteers for the sport.

Simon Mason asked whether the new website meant that links from external websites would stop working but Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed that the same URLs were being used so there shouldn’t be a problem beyond some initial teething problems with the new website. However Jonathan Cockcroft agreed to investigate.

Jonathan Cockcroft updated the Board on the sponsorship position. Lessons had been learned but without the Olympic effect the next cycle will be different and there will be a need to be more innovative. The 5 Week Frenzy will build on the interest generated by Games but there is no major international event until June 2013 which can be used to capitalise on the increased profile of the sport. Contingency planning has been done if there is success in London.

The Sport England funding submission has now been submitted after a large amount of work. Some initial feedback has been received from UK Sport on the Project Rio performance funding application and this will put before the July Board Meeting for more detailed consideration. The GB Board will consider the issues a week later.

2. Raise the sport’s profile and improve communication

a. New Domestic Product
As read.

b. FIH World League
Sally Munday updated the meeting on a recent discussion with the FIH regarding the hosting of future international events.

3. Enhance the quality of governance and operations   
a. i) 2013 – 2017 Strategy
(Melissa Bennett joined the meeting)

The Executive Directors outlined a high level summary of their thinking behind each strand of the strategy.

Holly Woodford set out the rationale behind the plans to grow participation. The KPIs for growing participation have been calculated from the bottom up rather than top down and are felt to be achievable based on the current rate of progress. There is an acknowledgement that Sport England targets have not been met in the past, even if affiliation numbers have been positive. The issue has been frequency rather than numbers. The Board questioned whether we have the volunteer resources to deliver the growth. Holly Woodford stressed that EHB’s investment will be going into ‘on the ground’ delivery and purchasing the provision of coaches, equipment and activators. There will also be a focus on other delivery partners such as leisure operators and local authorities so that all the workload doesn’t fall on club volunteers.

David Faulkner highlighted the importance of home country alignment in achieving future international success for GB. Podium finishes will be targeted at all major events rather than improvements in England’s world ranking.

Jonathan Cockcroft introduced the section on visibility and explained that his thinking on the New Domestic Product had changed following the recent feedback from clubs. The plan would build on current initiatives although the exact details are still to be determined. The focus will be on getting TV exposure.

Holly Woodford and David Faulkner set out the plans to enhance infrastructure. There remains a lot of thinking to be done in this area with new strategies to be developed for volunteers, clubs and officiating. This area is an enabler for retention and growth in participation.

Jonathan Cockcroft and Ian Wilson outlined the income and governance objective. The Board questioned the optimism behind some of the income targets although Jonathan Cockcroft felt that current performance was not a fair reflection of potential as there had not been a Marketing Manager for a long period and the focus had been on Hockey Nation

ii) Long Term Budget
As read.

b. March Management accounts
As read

c. National Hockey Museum
Ian Wilson outlined the issues raised by the board paper and the Board agreed to set up the Trust as suggested

d. England Hockey Committee update
As read

e. Board Composition
PK updated the Board on his discussions with the RCC regarding independent directors. It had been agreed that John Hendy would join the Working Group as the RCC’s Representative and Chris Darling had also been approached to join the group.

f. RCC
Nothing additional to report.

g. Board skills- updated assessment.
The Board questioned whether any of the skills needed to be prioritised but agreed that this was not necessary at this point. It would be more relevant when new members are required and certain skills sought.

4. AOB

 No issues raised.