EHL Ranking Table Published

Simon Mantell in action for Reading in the Euro Hockey League

Following completion of the 2011/12 Euro Hockey League in Amsterdam, the final EHL Ranking Table has been produced and is attached below.

The ranking table is calculated using results from the EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy (M) and the Euro Hockey League (M) over the last three years, with points awarded to each Nation and then divided by the number of clubs participating from that nation for comparison.

However, in order to reflect current performance, results from 2010 events are discounted to 25%, results from 2011 are discounted by 50% and results from 2012 are awarded 100% points. Details of points awarded can be found in the appropriate competition regulations on the EHF website.

Nations ranked 1-4 are entitled to 3 entries in the 2012/13 Euro Hockey League, those in 5-8 place are entitled to 2 entries, and those in 9-12 place have one entry.

The list of teams qualifying for the EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy and Challenge tournaments in 2013 will be available soon in a separate Bulletin.

England's representatives in the men's Euro Hockey League next season are Reading, East Grinstead and Beeston.