Junior Competitions Structure 2012/2013 released

GM with juniors

England Hockey is grateful to those people who took the time to complete this to help shape our junior programme, the consultees included club representatives , school teachers and county and regional representatives.

The Board also noted feedback from the Single System Strategy Committee, made up of Regional representatives, the National Schools survey (completed May 2010), the Age Qualification survey (completed December 2010) and earlier feedback from HMC (Headmasters’ & Headmistresses’ Conference) and the Schools Leadership Group.

The changes below will be implemented for the 2012/2013 season.
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Changes Planned for 2012-13

Outcome of Consultation – what Schools and Clubs said they wanted

England Hockey Response


Introduction of a pilot U18 Schools two term Premier League
During the initial consultation there was support for this pilot scheme from schools, however there was not time to implement for the 2011-12 season so it was agreed that further work would be completed during 2011-12 to shape the format of the league for introduction in 2012-13.

Throughout 2011-12, England Hockey consulted with a number of schools and sought expressions of interest in this pilot competition.  Unfortunately there were not enough expressions of interest to make the competition viable.

This competition will now not be introduced in 2012-13. A working group will be set up to progress this area.


Introduction of an U14 developing clubs competition
The preference was that this competition would run in a similar format to the existing U14 club competition, and aim to encourage smaller clubs to participate where young players are still in transition to the 11-a-side game, where it might be difficult for a club to raise an 11-a-side team or where a club might find it a challenge to compete with larger clubs in the existing 11-a-side competition.

Competition introduced and scheduled into the centralised calendar for 2012-13.

It will be a 7-a-side In2Hockey competition played on half-pitch. This competition will run at a local level with the option of attending a national festival.


Competition to be introduced in 2012-13.

Introduction of National Finals in the U14 club competition
Previously this competition did not progress beyond regional finals, but clubs indicated that they wanted a national final to be introduced.

Extended the competition to include a national final, and scheduled the dates into the centralised calendar for 2012-13

National finals to be included from 2012-13.

National Schools Competitions outdoors – U13, U14, U16 & U18
It was agreed that these competitions would remain, and that England Hockey would look to work with participating schools and Regional and County organisers to structure the County and Regional tiers of the competition in leagues to minimise disruption to existing school activities.

This work is ongoing, and will be a long-term solution which is developed.....


Introduction of an U12 Schools competition
Schools indicated that they wanted an U12 competition to run alongside the existing U11 and U13 competitions.

Competition introduced and scheduled into the centralised calendar for 2012-13.

It will be a 7-a-side In2Hockey competition played on half-pitch. This competition will run up to regional level.

Competition to be introduced in 2012-13.