England Hockey notification regarding Masters World Cup

England Hockey has taken a number of enquiries from clubs who have received an email asking for donations to the Masters World Cup in Canterbury. We’re being asked whether it is a genuine request or whether it’s an email scam.

This summer there are 2 Master’s World Cups being held in England between August 14 and 24. In Canterbury the International Masters Hockey Association are holding the World Cup for Men’s over 40’s, 45’s, 50’s and 55’s as well as the Women’s Over 40’s and 50’s. In Oxford the 2012 Grand Masters Hockey World Cup for the older age groups is taking place.

The email does therefore refer to a genuine event but England Hockey wishes to make it clear that:

1. The event is NOT being run by the EHB.

2. England Hockey has no financial control over the event.

3. England Hockey has no financial liability for the event.

4. An appeal in this format was not supported by EHB

5. The event is being run by the Masters themselves through our Masters Committee.

6. Clubs need to balance the other demands on their limited funds when they decide whether to make a donation.

7. If any club does make a donation to our account we will make sure it’s used to finance the event.

8. England Hockey would obviously welcome any sponsors stepping forward to support the World Cups subject to EHB’s usual sponsorship guidelines.

Further details about this summer’s events can be found by clicking here.