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Helen Richardson in action for Great Britain women at the Investec London Cup

Sign up, Sig Up, Cash In

How the discount and cash back works

As an affiliated club, you will receive their own unique discount code. When a club member inputs the code on the Sigvaris Sport website, it will give them 20% off anything they have selected to buy. The code will be recorded by Sigvaris Sport and at the end of every season the club will receive the cash from the commission earned.

Product Item

Retail Cost

20% Discount

Club Income

Performance Socks




Compression Shorts




Pulse Performance




Two-Piece Compression Sleeve




Golf / Suit Sock




An extra incentive

If the clubs buys 50 socks/shorts, as well as your commission, you will receive an extra £100.

100 socks/shorts you will get an extra £225 cash.

150 socks/shorts you will get an extra £350 cash.

200 socks/shorts you will get an extra £375 cash PLUS 16 pairs of compression sleeves for a team in your club!


What’s the catch?

There is no catch!  We appreciate the financial strains on hockey clubs and players in the modern era and we very much believe in rewarding those who have helped us ‘spread the word’ of Sigvaris Sport.


@sigvarissportUK #SigClubs

For clubs to access the offer from EHB and Sigvaris, email with your club name, your name and the name of your club treasurer (must be committee approved due to the financial element) to access the offer and receive your clubs code.

Clubs will receive a Sigvaris Web banner and a bespoke discount code to pass onto their members who will gain 20% the retail value of the products. Clubs will then receive a 10% kick back on the discounted price of the goods.

Who we are and why should you wear us?

Sigvaris are the World leaders in Medical Compression and have been around for over 60 years!

For the first time, a compression product offers sports-specific functions and at the same time guarantees perfectly calibrated pressure on the leg - because if you don't buy your product by ankle size you are basically just buying socks! Many companies now produce compression garments, but the scientific evidence which has been shown to produce positive results at cell level, has only been evident in compression garments which are of a medical grade

If you don’t believe us then believe them..

George Pinner - Goal Keeper

Beeston, England & Great Britain

They are by far the best compression shorts I have ever used.  For a start the compression is superb, you can really feel them working and they do an excellent job on all major muscles not just hamstrings and quads or just hip flexes like some shorts do. The sizing is also perfect for me in terms of the length of the shorts. 

They really are an excellent bit of kit and a million times better than any of the products I have tried in the past. 


Sarah Thomas - Midfield/Forward

GB Double Olympian, Olympic Bronze Medallist

During my career I’ve used a number of compression products; none however have matched the quality and feel of that of Sigvaris compression socks. I wear the socks during both my gym and pitch sessions and have noticed that my legs don't feel as tired as when I train without them. In hockey, it's important that you can be explosive and that you can repeat that time after time. I feel that wearing Sigvaris socks gives me this edge.


Additionally as a professional athlete you are always looking for ways in which you can recover quickest. Being able to produce a number of quality training sessions in a week is a priority. Hence after training's I also wear the compression socks, they are so much more comfortable than any other socks I’ve used and in my personal opinion I believe that after wearing them not only do my muscles recover faster, but, I am able to train harder the next day.