Guess How Many London 2012 Balls Competition

Ashley MSSF


Congratulations to Ian Ellis of Winchester Hockey Club who correctly guessed the number of London 2012 match balls in the vase.   The competition to guess the number of match balls took place at the Euro Hockey League in East Grinstead and the Futures Cup at Cannock HC.

Over 250 guesses were submitted with nine hockey fans guessing the correct answer of 70. Congratulations to the following nine fans who guessed the correct answer:

Tom Sheltan

Zak Taylor

Thomas Jarvis

Kieran Fuller

Jonny Gall

Jackie Pire-Ciffin

Joshua Conglio

Oreo Ogunlana

Ian Ellis

The above names were entered into a prize draw with Ian Ellis’ name being pulled out as the winner of the silver hospitality package for 2 at the Maxifuel Super Sixes Finals.

For further information on the Maxifuel Super Sixes Finals click here.