England Hockey Meeting Agenda

Please find below the agenda for England Hockey meeting on 27 November 2012.

Minutes of previous meeting
a) Accuracy
b) Matters arising

1. Executive report for noting

2. Increased Visibility
a) Euronations 2015 – Proposed management structure for approval

3. International Success
a) London 2012 Independent review feedback presentation – to be joined by Neil Tunnicliffe of Wharton consulting  (1300)
b) London 2012 Performance Director report for noting

4. Strong and respected NGB
a) 2013-17 Strategic Plan – delivery structure for approval*
b) 2011/12 Year End Accounts for noting
c) Management Accounts to September 2012 for noting*
d) RCC report
e) Equality – updated policy for approval
f) Risk register –  updated risk register including risk management strategy for approval
g) Board governance for approval

5. AOB