England Hockey Centralised Calendar 2013-14

The final draft of the England Hockey Priority & Centralised Calendar for the 2013-14 is now available, click here to download it. 

The calendar shows the dates on which all domestic hockey activity is scheduled for the 2013-14 season.
The only major changes to the previously circulated calendar are the Boys Schools Finals moving from Week 36 to Week 37 and the dates of some Masters Regional Tournaments moved from late May/June to earlier dates to avoid any clashes with Masters World Cups.
There are two outstanding issues. 
Date of Maxifuel Super Sixes Indoor Finals - this will be either Week 22 or Week 23 and no other activity is to be scheduled on the final date.
Dates of Euro Hockey League and European Womens Club Championships finals, which are currently scheduled in Week 41 during the World Cups and will be moved.       
These will be confirmed in the final version of the document which will be published by 1 March 2013.
For details of the principles used in setting the calendar dates please refer to the Calendar Principles Paper.