Teams target Semi Finals in Men's Maxifuel Super Sixes

Tom Richford Canterbury-450

THE line-up for the Men’s Maxifuel Super Sixes Finals will be known after this weekend, but there are some mouth-watering clashes to come before the top four in the Premier Division are known.

The leaders of the outdoor league, Beeston are also top of the Indoor Premier Division after being the only team to win all four of their games in the first weekend of fast-paced action at St George’s Park, Burton on Trent, last month.

But hot on their heels are reigning champions East Grinstead, who are just two points behind them. Indoor expert Niall Stott returns to the team for this weekend, but the Sussex side are on their guard with matches against leaders Beeston and fourth-placed Doncaster to follow.

Watch highlights from the first weekend below:

“They are all tough matches as everybody in the Premier Division is here by right, so we take nothing for granted,” said East Grinstead’s manager Matt Jones. “The first weekend we showed that there are no walkover games – even newcomers to the division gave the favourites a run for their money.

“We want to hit the ground running on Saturday and our big objective is to qualify for the Maxifuel Super Sixes Finals and reach Wembley, which has almost been our home for the last few years.”

Beeston also face some tough matches, with East Grinstead their first opponents on Saturday followed by Canterbury, and then third-placed Reading and Loughborough Students on Sunday.

Doncaster boosted their indoor line-up for the first weekend with the addition of hometown product and GB Olympian Barry Middleton, and they will be hoping to hold on to fourth place and make a surprise bid for the Finals.

But they have tough clashes against Reading, East Grinstead, Canterbury and Old Loughtonians to come.

Meanwhile, battling to avoid the drop are Loughborough Students and Old Loughtonians, both of whom have not secured a single point yet.


Men’s Maxifuel Super Sixes Championship

January 5 2013

Premier Division
Surbiton v Loughborough Students 10:30
Old Loughtonians v Bowdon 11:30
Reading v Doncaster 12:30
East Grinstead v Beeston 13:30
Canterbury v Surbiton 14:30
Loughborough Students v Old Loughtonians 15:30
Bowdon v Reading 16:30
Doncaster v East Grinstead 17:30
Beeston v Canterbury 18:30

Division One
St Albans v Brooklands 10:30
Bournville v Havant 11:30
Southgate v Sevenoaks 12:30
Hampstead & Westminster v Holcombe 13:30
Harleston Magpies v St Albans 14:30
Brooklands MU v Bournville 15:30
Havant v Southgate 16:30
Sevenoaks v Hampstead and Westminster 17:30
Holcombe v Harleston Magpies 18:30

Division Two North
Sheffield Hallam v Preston 12:00
Cannock v Barford Tigers 13:00
Rugby and East Warwicks v Cheltenham 14:00
Cannock v Sheffield Hallam 15:00
Preston v Rugby and East Warwicks 16:00
Barford Tigers v Cheltenham 17:00

Division Two South
Trojans v Team Bath Buccaneers 12:00
Oxted v West Herts 13:00
Havering v Chelmsford 14:00
Oxted v Trojans 15:00
Team Bath Buccaneers v Havering 16:00
West Herts v Chelmsford 17:00

January 6 2013

Premier Division
Reading v Loughborough Students 09:00
Old Loughtonians v Canterbury 10:00
Surbiton v East Grinstead 11:00
Beeston v Reading 12:00
Doncaster v Old Loughtonians 13:00
Bowdon v Surbiton 14:00
Loughborough Students v Beeston 15:00
Canterbury v Doncaster 16:00
East Grinstead v Bowdon 17:00

Division One
Bournville v Southgate 09:00
Hampstead & Westminster v Harleston Magpies 10:00
Brooklands MU v Havant 11:00
Sevenoaks v Holcombe 12:00
St Albans v Bournville 13:00
Southgate v Hampstead & Westminster 14:00
Harleston Magpies v Brooklands MU 15:00
Havant v Sevenoaks 16:00
Holcombe v St Albans 17:00

Division Two North
Sheffield Hallam v Rugby and East Warwicks 09:00
Cannock v Cheltenham 10:00
Barford Tigers v Preston 11:00
Cheltenham v Sheffield Hallam 12:00
Rugby and East Warwicks v Barford Tigers 13:00
Preston v Cannock 14:00
Sheffield Hallam v Barford Tigers 15:00
Cheltenham v Preston 16:00
Rugby and East Warwicks v Cannock 17:00

Division Two South
Trojans v Havering 09:00
Oxted v Chelmsford 10:00
West Herts v Team Bath Buccaneers 11:00
Chelmsford v Trojans 12:00
Havering v West Herts 13:00
Team Bath Buccaneers v Oxted 14:00
Trojans v West Herts 15:00
Chelmsford v Team Bath Buccaneers 16:00
Havering v Oxted 17:00

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