Line up for Investec Women's Finals Weekend is shaping up

Investec medals

The final weekend of league action saw some inclement weather causing problems for many clubs across the country and a number of matches postponed. However, with the majority re-arranged and some of the fixtures completed the line-up for the Investec Women's Finals Weekend at Reading HC from 20-21 April is coming together.

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Investec Women’s Hockey League Championship
Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 April

The Investec Women's Hockey League Championship sees the top four sides in the Premier Division play off against each other in two semi finals with the grand final the following day to determine the league champions and European qualification.

The top four teams are Leicester, Canterbury, Reading and Surbiton but the final match order depends on the outcome of the re-arranged final league fixtures. If Leicester beat Slough in their final game then they will go above Canterbury and end the season at the top of the table which guarantees the second of two European places. The top European spot goes to the winner of the final.

The line-up

Saturday 20 April
Semi Final 1 - 15:15pm
Canterbury or Leicester (1st) v Surbiton (4th)
Semi Final 2 17:30pm
Canterbury/Leicester/Reading (2nd) v Leicester/Reading (3rd)

Sunday 21 April
3rd v 4th play-off - 14:45pm
Investec Women's Hockey League Championship Final - 17:15pm

Investec Women's Hockey League Promotion Tournament
Sunday 7, Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 April

Alongside the championship play-off hockey fans will also get to see the Investec Women's Promotion Tournament. Here the three Investec Conference winners from the North, East and West plus the ninth placed team in the Premier Division play a round robin tournament with the top two progressing to the Premier Division for the 2013-14 season and the other two teams playing in the Investec Conferences.

The line-up

Sunday 7 April - Stage 1 will take place at Cannock HC
13:00pm - Beeston* (Investec Conference North ) v Olton & WW / Univ of Birmingham (Investec Premier Division)
15:00pm - Buckingham (Investec Conference West) v Harleston Magpies (Investec Conference East)

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 April at Reading HC

Saturday 20 April
11:00am - Beeston (Investec Conference North) v Buckingham (Investec Conference West)   
13:00pm - Harleston Magpies (Investec Conference East) v Olton & WW / Univ of Birmingham (Investec Premier Division)

Sunday 21 April
10:00am - Harleston Magpies (Investec Conference East) v Beeston (Investec Conference North)
12:00pm - Olton & WW / Univ of Birmingham (Investec Premier Division) v Buckingham (Investec Conference West)

Investec Women's Hockey League Relegation Tournament
Finally, the Investec Women's Hockey League Relegation Tournament sees the teams finishing ninth in the three Conferences playing a round robin tournament at home venues with the top team securing a Conference place in 2013-14 and the other two teams relegated to their respective Regional League.

The line-up

Saturday 06 April
Chelmsford (Investec Conference East) v Staines (Investec Conference West)
Saturday 13 April
Staines (Investec Conference West) v Liverpool Sefton/Cannock (Investec Conference North)
Sunday 21 April
Liverpool Sefton/Cannock (Investec Conference North) v Chelmsford (Investec Conference East)