England Hockey Synopsis - May 2013

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Danny Kerry; Rich Beer, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, and Katy Roberts.

In attendance: Sue Bodycomb, Richard Leman

Apologies: Apologies were received from Katie Legg.

Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of March Board Meeting

a) Accuracy

The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.

b) Matters arising and action items

  • Ian Wilson confirmed a couple of dates have been suggested to the RCC in respect of the finance meeting with the Regional Hockey Associations and the accountants, Hays MacIntyre.

1. Executive Directors’ Report

As read with the following points to note:

• The lack of representation from the women’s premier league clubs at the Finals weekend was noted.

• Eton Manor – Union Jack pitch design is still being considered.

• Capital Investment Programme– successful outcome in that it achieved what we wanted it to achieve.

• UK Sport performance budget issue – only 10% of UKS funding is to be used for overheads.

• Ben Rea – commended the team on the Reading finals weekends.

• Following a magazine article on entry fees for Schools Competitions, it was suggested that we look at a clippings service.

2. Increased Visibility

a) World League 3 progress update
Nick Martin joined the meeting.

Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed ticket sales of £68k gross which is approximately 80% of the sales achieved for the Investec London Cup last year. Over 1,000 tickets have been sold for the Finals’ day from a target of 1,800. In terms of marketing, the plan is to have theme days throughout the week, including Investec, Ashes, Schools, Fancy dress, etc.

With regard to operational elements, Nick Martin confirmed that considerable planning has been done to re-arrange the site based on the experiences from last year. Martin Gallivan (FIH Competitions Manager) has visited the venue and is happy with the proposed layout. Accommodation has been a challenge with the Wimbledon and Ascot clash so the official hotel is the Marriot Heathrow Windsor (which is actually in Slough). Although the location is not ideal the Hotel is well equipped for team sports and recently hosted the Rugby Sevens tournament with success. Team flights and accommodation have been booked and a team room has been provided in the event that teams arrive early. Ogilvie are supplying cars and shuttle buses to and from the Hotel. The schedule will include activities on the rest days - Wednesday is the Coach Engagement day and Friday evening is the Awards Dinner.

Hospitality will be in the same area as last year but will be divided into two. The retail marquees will provide housing for the museum, retail shop and the England Hockey stand as well as providing cover for bad weather or if it is particularly hot. Portacabin offices are provided for the FIH and officials and the media area will be located above changing rooms. Investec are currently looking at dressing the event.

In order to improve the customer experience, the entrance will now be a double-sided booth, which will improve entry efficiency. Catering and bar refreshments will be provided by the same caterer we used at Reading and there is a discussion around providing a cash-back system for paying customers.

Future Sports are managing the Fun Zone and there will be specific events for children. Volunteers have been selected based on last year’s attendance and now open recruitment is underway.

With regard to the Sports presentation, it will be themed around our various days’ events and it is hoped that a big screen will be provided for the final’s weekend.

b) CRM and Brand strategy presentations
Sara Bradley joined the meeting.
Jonathan Cockcroft and Sara Bradley presented the work done around the development of the England Hockey Brand Strategy and the CRM Strategy; highlighting the objectives, the research undertaken, the outcomes and next steps.

3. International Success

a) International Success Strategy for Performance
Danny Kerry outlined his current thinking around the strategic direction required for international success; this included a vision for how the performance team might evolve in future.

b) Senior Men’s performance presentation
Bobby Crutchley (Head Coach for Men’s programme) joined the meeting to give an overview on progress in the men’s programme so far.

c) Senior Women’s performance presentation
Jason Lee (Head Coach, Women’s programme) joined the meeting to given an update on progress in the women’s programme so far.

d) Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence
Sue Catton joined the meeting and presented a paper summarising EHB’s plans to initiate a comprehensive U17 National Age Group (NAG’s) programme through Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) funding. The programme is NGB led and can be tailored to meet performance needs.

e) GB playing at World Level
Philip Kimberley updated the Board on the recent discussions at the GB Board meeting.

4. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management Accounts
Ian Wilson confirmed a positive position, showing a healthy surplus. This is mainly due to additional Sport England funding and monies from Sportsmatch. The Executive Team are looking at how this surplus might be best spent to deliver areas that need addressing, for example marketing for and presentation of World League 3.

b) Equality Policy
Ian Wilson explained the changes made in response to previous Board feedback. Katy Roberts highlighted to the Board its obligation to ensure compliance and requested a regular update at Board Meetings. It was also agreed to add Equality to the Risk Register. Philip Kimberley complimented those who had been involved in redrafting the policy document.

c) RCC Report
Sue Bodycomb confirmed that Tony Moffat was appointed Chair of the RCC Committee.

d) Female Vice President
The RCC were not in favour of co-opting a female Vice President to replace Sue Bodycomb following her election as President and wished to hold a postal vote. The Board acknowledged their wish not to co-opt and agreed to leave the position vacant until the next AGM.

5. AOB

• Jonathan Cockcroft requested Board availability for World League.