Meet an international player this weekend

Harvester National Club Weekend 2012 - Goody Bags - Old Sils

Harvester National Club Weekend is returning this weekend: 7-8 September 2013. Club Weekend offers a fantastic opportunity for both new and existing players to pick up a stick and join in the fun at their local club. We've got over 200 clubs registered to host a Club Weekend event, at clubs across the country.

If you've never been to been to a hockey club before, you'll find they're really friendly and welcoming environments which you'll fit straight into. Plus you'll get a goody bag when you arrive!

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Not only that, but some of our international players will be paying a visit to some of the clubs, so take a look at the table below to find out where you can meet the some of the best and brightest international hockey stars! The players could be there in the morning or the afternoon, so why not make a day of it to make sure you get a chance to meet them?

Player Date Club
Ben Arnold 14/09/13 Richmond
Ollie Willars 14/09/13 Richmond

The 2012 Harvester National Club Weekend was a huge success culminating in more than 30,000 picking up a stick. This year we hope to attract yet more new participants into the game.

We asked Lord Coe what he thinks of the Club Weekend, and this is what he had to say, "During 2012 the iconic blue and pink pitches and constant buzz from the Riverbank Arena in the north of the Olympic Park showed the British public just what a fantastic sport hockey is. It’s great to see England Hockey build on the enthusiasm of last year with their Harvester National Club Weekend - a chance for people to visit their local hockey club and try their hand at the game. Who knows, maybe some international hockey stars of the future will be discovered!"

If you're not a hockey player, all the more reason to come along... Club Weekend is open to everyone from regular players to those who have never picked up a stick, and is open to all ages.

Taking up hockey is a great opportunity to make new friends and get regular exercise in a fun and sociable environment. And you'll love the satisfaction of scoring your first goal!

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