England Hockey Synopsis - September 2013


Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Rich Beer, Danny Kerry, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, and Sue Bodycomb.

In attendance: Richard Leman

Apologies: Apologies were received from Katy Roberts, Tony Moffat and Katie Legg

Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of July Board Meeting

a) Accuracy

The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.

b) Matters arising and action items


1. Executive Directors’ Report

As read with the following points to note:

  • It has been a busy summer with England Hockey staffing changes and the new staff have settled in well. A number of appointments have been made for the new roles in the performance team and interviews are still in process for the remaining positions.
  • The Harvester Club Weekend was well received with 213 clubs taking part this year. A number of England Hockey junior staff stepped up to help with the Club weekend, a credit to them. The event at Sheffield was very well supported and received and Sheffield HC would like to record their thanks to England Hockey.
  • There has been a 4% increase in the knockout competition entries. It was noted that the current paper system for applications that is in place is not user friendly and needs to be looked at.
  • The umpiring strategy consultation has been active over the summer and all the Hockey Umpiring Associations have been consulted, and the proposals have been sent out. England Hockey has so far received 7 out of 20 responses to the consultation.
  • Eton Manor is set to be open for use in May 2014 with the facility being handed over to Lee Valley Regional Park Authority in December 2013. This will allow England Hockey to host the 2014 Investec London Cup there.
  • Richard Leman raised the point that the two athlete questionnaires, (UK Sport and Lane4 consultancy) might be seen by the athletes as duplication. Although the questionnaires are offering the athletes the opportunity to give their opinion on 2 slightly different areas, it was felt that it would be better to combine the two into one more thorough report in future.
  • Jonathan Cockcroft commented that hockey had received 900,000 red button viewers with the BBC and 500,000 on the women’s final alone at the recent European’s in Boom, Belgium.

2. Increased Visibility

a) Investec World League 3 review for comment

Jonathan Cockcroft presented the paper on the event and on the pitch the squad performed well, qualifying for the World Cup. The event delivered more widely against England Hockey’s visibility objectives than the Investec London Cup would have in terms of ticket sales, growth, media and TV coverage.

b) Major Events Bid update for approval

There was considerable discussion over the events that England Hockey is bidding for and how it would affect the business. It was agreed that EH would consider hosting a women’s (as opposed to men’s) Champion’s event in 2016 if we were awarded the World Cup in 2018.

3. International Success

a) Junior World Cup review

England junior women finished fourth at the recent Junior World Cup in Monchengladbach, Germany, which is an encouraging performance by the squad.

b) Euro Nations Men and Women summary review for comment


The women’s team finished with a silver medal at the EuroNations in Boom, Belgium. The squad comprised 9 of the 2012 Olympic Bronze medallists and other more experienced members who had been involved with the Olympic training cycle, plus two relative newcomers, Lily Owsley and Hollie Webb.


The men’s team finished a commendable fourth position in their tournament considering they have seen a high level of player change from the last cycle

c) Single System Review – headline findings presentation

Sue Catton joined the meeting.

The Single System has been reviewed over the last 8 months in three phases; planning, consultation and we are now at the review stage. There has been a good sample size of responses, 2500 + parents, 1211 players, both with a positive response overall. Enjoyment is high among players and parents (92%) and there is a strong endorsement that players and parents would recommend the current system. However it is in need of evolutionary change which will be presented to the board for comment at the next Board meeting in November.

4. Enhanced Infrastructure

a) Club Strategy project plan

Kirsty Brammer joined the meeting.

Kirsty Brammer presented the club strategy project plan as it was felt that England Hockey had not had a coherent overarching strategy for clubs but rather a number of initiatives and programmes have been developed and delivered over the years to clubs. The club strategy is to provide the tools and support to enable clubs to provide an excellent experience for participants, increasing participation, talent and the profile of hockey. There was considerable discussion regarding the possible scale and ambition of the project plan.

5. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management Accounts to July 3013 for comment

As read

Ian Wilson confirmed a positive position for month 11.

b) Sport England Assurance for approval

Ian Wilson introduced the Sport England/UK Sport assurance discussion. England Hockey has previously been required to submit large amounts of evidence annually to demonstrate that England Hockey is fit to receive public monies. All NGBs feel that this process is time consuming and Sport England have reviewed the process and introduced a new pilot for those NGBs that have consistently demonstrated high standards. A template of discussion points for consideration was provided to the board in order that it could evaluate EHB’s governance standards. Philip Kimberley summarised that the board need to be happy with the information provided and comfortable with the levels of assurance indicated in the paper. There was considerable discussion on a number of topics. It was suggested that the board delegates the review of the company structure to the audit committee at the end of the year and Mike Stoddard would like to see the Capital Investment Programme terms of reference.

It was agreed that England Hockey had “full” compliance with the standards required by SE/UKS.

c) RCC Report for comment

The RCC are due to meet on October 8 and Tony Moffatt will report at the next board meeting.

d) Development Director – Summary of first few months.

Rich Beer outlined his summary of his first three months in the role of Development Director

e) AOB

Andy Tapley asked about progress on the brand strategy. Jonathan Cockcroft said that it is almost a finalised document, the templates are completed and the brand meetings were currently being held with the staff.

Sue Bodycomb requested a visit to Eton Manor and it was agreed that this will take place after the handover to Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.