A new venue for our international events

England Hockey recently visited the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - an Olympic Park legacy venue which will host our major hockey tournaments in the years to come. Our pictures below show how the new site is coming along.

After the announcement of winning our bid to host the women's World Cup in 2018, and having already secured EuroHockey 2015, we thought we'd show you where these events will be taking place. The Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at Eton Manor will play host to our major international hockey events.

Take a look below to see how it's all been developing, and hopefully you can imagine being there when it's finished! The pictures range from September to November, so you can see the development in progress.

About the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre opens in May 2014, offering premier facilities for players of both sports. This world-class venue will boast two of the best hockey pitches in the country as well as four indoor and six outdoor tennis courts and will host a range of community, club and elite events. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be a place unlike any other in London, offering the best in sporting and cultural amenities in world class venues and parks, and at the same time creating places to live and work that are rooted in the ethos and fabric of east London’s diverse and vital communities. The north of the Park is already open for people to enjoy and the south of the Park will be re-opening from spring 2014.

September 2013

Eton Manor 09/13 Pitch corner

Eton Manor 09/13 Scaffold Stands

Eton Manor 09/13 Pitch to stands

November 2013

Eton Manor 5/11/13 pitch corner

Eton Manor 5/11/13 pitch from scaffold

Eton Manor 5/11/13 pitch to scaffold edge

Eton Manor 5/11/13 centre pitch to scaffold