English Umpire Hamish Jamson appointed to 2014 World Cup

Simon Mason presents Performance Umpire of the year award to Hamish Jamson during the Maxifuel Super Sixes

Having started umpiring back when he was a student, Hamish Jamson has been an FIH umpire since 1996. Now he's on track for his fourth World Cup as he heads for the Hague in May next year.

Earlier this year Hamish was awarded the Performance Official of the Year award by Sports Official UK, and now Hamish is headed for his fourth World Cup and is excited about the prospect of more international umpiring. "Of course, I'm thrilled and honoured to have been appointed to the World Cup. It'll be a real festival of top quality hockey and this one, being a joint men’s and women’s tournament, will be really exciting."

From his final year at Sheffield University in 1991 when umpiring took over from playing, Hamish has steadily risen in the umpiring ranks after becoming an FIH umpire in 1996 and his first tournament experience at the 1997 Junior World Cup in Milton Keynes. Since then, his appointments have included one Olympics (London 2012), three World Cups, five Champions Trophies and four European Cups. In all, he's umpired 148 official international matches, and recieved his 'Golden Whistle' for 100 senior matches at the Euros in 2009.

When asked about what he feels about his career so far, he said "umpiring is a passion and I'm lucky to be involved at such a level with the game I love. I think an umpire's role is to bring out the best possible game from what's out there in front of them."

And advice for aspiring umpires? "Try read the game as the players are. Put yourself in their position and umpire the game as you would want it umpired if you were playing. As soon as you’ve justified a decision, even though a player may not agree, that’s the end of the on-pitch discussion. Most certainly be open and honest enough to engage in a longer discussion in the bar after the game, but not on the pitch."

Next year's World Cup will be Hamish's last, as umpires have to retire at 47, but he has the same hope we all do that both English teams will come away with some medals!

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