England Hockey Synopsis - November 2013


Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Rich Beer, Danny Kerry, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, Tony Moffatt, Katy Roberts.

In Attendance: Richard Leman

Apologies: Apologies were received from Sue Bodycomb and Katie Legg

Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of September board meeting

a) Accuracy

The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.

b) Matters arising and action items


1. Executive directors’ report

As read with the following points to note:

  • The Senior Women are in Argentina for the start of the World League 4 on Saturday 30 November. The Junior Men have left for the Junior World Cup in Delhi, India and the Senior Men are scheduled to travel to Delhi, India for their World League 4 in January. Philip Kimberley and Danny Kerry will travel to India in December for the Junior World Cup and Sue Bodycomb will travel to India to attend the Men’s World League 4 in January.
  • The partnership with The Telegraph has produced regular coverage in the paper and after the announcement of the winning of the Women’s World Cup bid our Facebook page showed a huge spike of interest.
  • Feedback has been received from the Regional Hockey Association’s regarding the guidance being developed for self employed status and the details are being worked through. Chris Darling is keen to get more specific guidance about the Single System roles and England Hockey is considering the best way to roll out the guidance nationally.
  • Richard Leman congratulated England on the all of the international event bids that they have recently won.

2. Increased Visibility

a) Major Events

EuroNations 2015

Jon Cockcroft introduced this item and said that the EuroHockey Championships held at Boom this year was a very good event and England Hockey would like to improve the client/customer experience received at their international events. The events team is currently holding a number of focus group meetings e.g. athletes where they are seeking feedback as to what the customer journey will be like for the different client groups who will be attending these events. This will help to shape the experience and service levels of the customer and client groups.

In terms of the venue at Eton Manor, it will be ready for the Investec London Cup which will be taking place early in July 2014 and the events team are in the process of going out to tender to suppliers who will provide the support services. England Hockey will use the 2014 event as a test event with these suppliers.

Ben Rea mentioned the European Masters events that the European Hockey Federation is looking to run alongside the event and asked that the masters are aware of the event schedule.

2016 -2018 Events

Sally Munday introduced this item and explained that England Hockey is now in the process of considering how best to organize the event management and involve our stakeholders.

Rich Beer also said that England Hockey will need to consider how to use these four international events to grow participation in that area of London.

Sally Munday mentioned that Sport England has some funding available to those sports that have won Gold events and England Hockey intends to explore this. The Board also considered the finance position of the events and in particular the foreign currency exposure in connection with the rights fees. Ian Wilson had begun discussions with the bank but the board asked that the risk be hedged as soon as possible.

3. International Success

a) Single System Review recommendations for approval

Sue Catton and Sara Walker joined the meeting.

A summary of the findings of the comprehensive Single System Review report had been presented as part of the board papers and it was noted that a full report was available to the board members.

Sue Catton introduced the item and commented that there was a huge amount of data available going forward. Sue Catton said that the depth of information from the audit and consultative work had been really valuable and that there is a real opportunity to add good quality, key measures improving and adding value to the current Single System. The board discussed the recommendations and agreed that the work required would be challenging however the board were in agreement with the recommendations.

Andy Tapley requested that the board be kept informed of any changes, Sally Munday confirmed that this would happen via future annual operational plans and that the Single System Manager will also keep the board updated.

4. Strong and respected NGB

a) Year End Management Accounts 2012/2013 for information

Ian Wilson presented the management accounts for the year and commented that the year had been a positive one.

b) Equality Training

Lucy Faulkner and Alison Hogg, England Hockey’s Lead Officer on Equality joined the meeting to facilitate an Equality Workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to challenge the board’s way of thinking so that the board can improve what they do with regards to equality, to think about the impact of their decisions on different groups of people and to ensure that they, as a board, are compliant with the current equality legislation. The training was also designed to ensure that the Non-executive Directors are better equipped to challenge the Executives and for the current Executive team to feel comfortable with challenging each other.

c) Board recruitment for 2014

The board discussed the introduction of independent directors and the skill set needed.

d) Code of Ethics

Ian Wilson explained the background to the recommended amendments in section 59 of the Constitution & Regulations Committee Report on the Disrepute Offence Regulations. The board agreed the changes

e) Regional Consultative Committee report

Tony Moffatt put forward a question raised by the Regional Consultative Committee whether it is necessary to have two Vice Presidents? Philip Kimberley said that it was a gender issue and that it was required to have one male and one female representative. It was agreed by the board that it should remain that there are two Vice Presidents, one of each gender.

f) EHB Competition Committees, Terms of Reference update for approval

Jon Cockcroft introduced the paper as a tidying up exercise and after studying the changes the board accepted the proposed amendments.

The board approved the new Terms of Reference.

g) AOB

IW asked any board members who had not yet handed in their Register of Interest forms if they would please do so.