Euro Hockey League announces draw for KO16

Surbiton celebrate scoring against Arminen at EHL Round 1.1 2013

Following the completion of the Round 1 events in October and the announcement that MHC Oranje Zwart will host the unique KO16/FINAL4 double event at Easter, the Euro Hockey League (EHL) and the European Hockey Federation (EHF) are pleased to reveal the draw for the KO16 round of the competition.

KO16/FINAL4 marks the start of an intense, action-packed five-day knock-out phase, with the 16 teams toughing it out until only the new EHL champion is left standing. Among the top teams to qualify for KO16 are Dutch Champions H.C. Rotterdam, German giants Rot-Weiss Köln, Belgian aces Waterloo Ducks and English Champions Beeston HC.

It is the first time in EHL history that the KO16 and FINAL4 events have merged, a decision which was taken to aid player preparations for the 2014 Hockey World Cup which takes place in The Hague later next year. There are several teams that will be featuring in their first EHL season, including England's own Surbiton along with SV Kampong (NED) and Harvestehuder THC (GER).

KO16 - The so-called KO16 is the jewel in the crown of the EHL, being an event that witnesses sixteen of the finest club teams in Europe going head-to-head in knock-out action. Just four teams will remain in the competition at the end of this three day event, forming the line-up for the grand finale: EHL FINAL4.

The knock-out format ensures that every game has meaning, with each team knowing that defeat will result in elimination from the world’s greatest club hockey competition. The KO16 rounds start from April 16-17th. Then four quarter finals will be played on April 18th.

See below for the Match Schedule as it currently stands. Match times and schedule subject to change due to the requirements of television or other factors as determined by EHL. EHF / December 2013.

Click here to see pictures of Beeston and Surbiton in action from Round 1.1

Click here to see pictures of Reading in action from Round 1.2

Source: EHL

Match Schedule

The following matches are scheduled:

Wednesday 16 April 2014 (KO16)
11.30 Club de Campo de Madrid (ESP) v Saint Germain HC (FRA)
14.00 Harvestehuder THC (GER) v HTC Uhlenhorst Mulheim (GER)
16.30 HC Rotterdam (NED) v WKS Grunwald Poznan (POL)
19.00 SV Kampong (NED) v KHC Dragons (BEL)

Thursday 17 April 2014 (KO16)
11.30 RC Polo de Barcelona (ESP) v Reading HC (ENG)
14.00 Racing Club de Bruxelles (BEL) v KTHC Rot – Weiss Koln (GER)
16.30 Waterloo Ducks (BEL) v Beeston HC (ENG)
19.00 MHC Oranje Zwart (NED) v Surbiton HC (ENG)

Friday 18 April 2014
11.30 Club de Campo de Madrid/Saint Germain HC v Harvestehuder THC/HTC Uhlenhorst Mulheim
14.00 Waterloo Ducks/Beeston HC v Racing Club de Bruxelles/KTHC Rot-Weiss Koln
16.30 HC Rotterdam/WKS Grunwald Poznan v SV Kampong/KHC Dragons
19.00 MHC Oranje Zwart/Surbiton HC v RC Polo de Barcelona/Reading HC

Sunday 20 April 2014 (KO4 / Semi Finals)
H.C. Rotterdam / Grunwald / Kampong / Dragons
OZ / Surbiton / RC Polo / Reading

WatDucks / Beeston / RC Bruxelles / RW Köln
Campo / St Germain / Harvestehuder / Mülheim

Round 5 (Final) 21 April 2014
Bronze medal match: (Loser SF 1 v Loser SF 2)
Final: (Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2)