Rules of Hockey - own goals

England Hockey confirms that the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Mandatory Experiment "Own Goal" rule will be withdrawn from the NOW: Pensions Men's Hockey League and Investec Women's Hockey League with effect from 1 February 2014. This will also apply to the quarter finals, semi finals and finals of the Investec Women's Cup and the NOW: Pensions Men's Cup.

The rule will not be changed for any other hockey - league or competition.

Engand Hockey recognises that a change of rules mid-season is not ideal and this is why the rule has not been changed in other areas of the game. However as the new rule will apply to international hockey from 1 February it has made this change so that elite players to be playing to this rule with effect from that date too. Investec Women's League and NOW: Pensions Men's League clubs were consulted and there was overwhelming support for this.

The Mandatory Experiment rule will be withdrawn from the rest of the game with effect from 1 September. This is with the proviso that any new tournaments or competitions that are started once the regular league season has concluded, eg summer leagues,  may play to the new rules prior to that date.

The original information from the FIH is below.