What makes a Rush Hockey Activator?

Rush Hockey Bristol

We recently dropped into a Rush Hockey session run by The University of Bristol Ladies Hockey Club, in partnership with Bristol City Community Trust as part of their Premier League 4 Sport Programme. While we were there we caught up with Rachel, who's combining the 3rd year of her chemistry course with being a Rush Hockey Activator.

Rachel first became involved with the University Hockey club after finding her halls were in a remote part of the city, and after playing a little hockey at school she realised joining the club would be a great opportunity to meet new people.

Rachel, Rush Hockey Activator - BristolWhat made you choose to become an activator?

It was a different way to be involved with the club and university and allowed me to sit on the hockey club’s committee. It’s a fun role, where I can continue to meet new people and it’s simple to do. At the same time I can develop my organisation and people skills where I am dealing with a variety of people.

How do you encourage people to come along?

Its fun and you get to see all of your mates! Also, you can play without commitment, so if you are busy you don’t have to come every week. The sessions are promoted by the club, Bristol City Community Trust and on the Rush Hockey website.

Any advice for other Universities?

Run Rush Hockey! People can play Rush that don’t fancy 11-a-side hockey and its good for your fitness if you don’t want to go to the gym. A few of our 3rd and 4th team players also come to practice their hockey skills. The goodies that England Hockey sent also went down well!

A few players also shared their opinion on Rush Hockey:

Will, 1st year Medicine - ‘It’s so fun and the mixed ability and gender is good. The smaller sides are better as you get more game time and more touches of the ball.’

Jo, 2nd year student and attending her first Rush Hockey session - ‘It adds variety to normal hockey and it’s been a good workout. The bigger ball is easier to control as well.’

Ted, 2nd year Pharmacology student - ‘I love hockey and Rush is great as it’s more relaxed and mixed teams is cool. Anyone can play the game if they have hand eye co-ordination, it’s easy to pick up and everyone is friendly.’

Lucy, 3rd year student and captain of the University of Bristol Hockey Club 4th Team - ‘It’s not serious and just a bit of fun; also you don’t have to be a hockey player to play!’

How to get involved?

If you want more information on Rush Hockey or are interested in running your own session, feel free to contact us at Rushhockey@englandhockey.co.uk or call 01628 897500.

Do you know someone who has worked tirelessly to improve their club or team, or has inspired you or others in hockey? Let us know at info@englandhockey.co.uk who's your own 'unsung hero' (you can use the BBC's form to make it easier), and then we can let people know about the great contributions that you and others make to sport and hockey!