Clubhouse: The inside line

Mark Gleghorne in action for England NOW Pensions

The Clubhouse, the new England Hockey Magazine insert, delivers interviews, tips and coaching guides straight to your letterbox or perhaps even your clubhouse. For the most recent issue, we asked England's best and brightest to share their favourite tips.

Michael Hoare - When marking your opponent, always try to front/side mark so you know where your opponent is but you can also be on the front foot to intercept any pass that is played in to them.

Mark Gleghorne - When trapping a ball that is in the air or bouncing up off the surface, try to keep your head as still as possible and cushion the ball with your stick. Don’t ‘snatch’ at the ball when it’s in the air as this minimizes your chances of making a good contact.

Alex Danson - If you’re looking to get the ball in to the air with more control, try bending your knees and lower your knuckles towards the ground. This allows your stick to lift under the ball and get it airborne.

Henry Weir - For a more consistent ball stopping technique, trap the ball inside your right foot while keeping it in line with your head. This will make!coordinating your hands and eyes much, much easier.

Patrick Smith - Keep asking questions and learning – knowledge is power!

Joanna Leigh - When in the attacking 25 or around the circle, try incorporating lifted skills into your dribbling – it helps avoid flat stick tackles and makes it much more difficult for the defender to time their challenges.

Shona McCallin - When eliminating somebody don’t always focus on what you do with the ball, focus on what you do with you body. Look to use your body movement to fool your marker by shifting your weight and faking to go the opposite way to where you want to go – remember it’s easier to control your body than the ball!

Helen Richardson-Walsh - When you’re trying to sell a dummy to beat a player, along with stick stills you can also use your body. Even looking in a different direction to where you want to go can often convince a defender to sell themselves early.

Sally Walton - By getting into position early, you are able to receive the ball under less pressure and will have a better idea of what’s around you. Work hard early, it will pay dividends.

Simon Mantell - When deflecting the ball as a shot on goal, keep your feet facing towards the target in order to be able to extend and dive if ball ends up being played in front of you. When shooting using a reverse stick, make sure the face of the stick is facing directly up. This will enable you to get a clean connection with the ball on the leading edge.

Kate Richardson-Walsh - When making a 1-v-1 tackle on the run, make absolutely sure you don’t get square on to the attacker. Instead, work hard to get your feet going in the direction you want the attacker to go as early as possible and shepherd them away from danger.

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