Merry Christmas from the National Hockey Museum

Hockey Museum - hockey game 1892b

As we wind down for Christmas, we're passing on the good wishes of the National Hockey Museum as they head into the new year.

Over the last few months the Museum has continued to develop at a pace. Almost two years since they first set up shop, they have now received over 180 different hockey collections (from one or two items to the very large), and have over 1200 books in the Library with 680 different titles. We have complete sets of magazines such as Hockey Field, Hockey World and Hockey Digest, but we are still looking for the odd missing editions to make up extra sets (see website for missing copies).

These publications are proving to be a mine of information when they're answering the increasing number of enquiries, such as 'have you got a photo of my uncle who played for England?'. They’ve staged two major displays in the last six months; one at the Investec Cup in June and our second Open Day at the Museum in October. The display at the Chiswick event was very well received and they had visits from many of the participating teams, the FIH and the Sports Minister (see various reports on the website) as well as many, many spectators from around the world. At the Open Day they were able to feature some fascinating new displays.

The origins of the County Championship made a great story and they've continued their ‘Hockey Greats’ series, this time featuring Maggie Souyave. Maggie played her first international match in 1974 and went on to represent England & GB 120 times, winning a gold medal in the World Cup as a player then a gold in the European indoor as coach. Maggie still works for England Hockey as a performance analyst – a fantastic 40 year career at club, county, territorial and national levels. You can find full details on the NHM website, and you can read the full Hockey Museum newsletter by downloading it from the bottom of this page.

Thank you to all who have supported them so generously, and they look forward to welcoming you at the Museum in 2014. Merry Christmas from all at the Museum.