EuroHockey Championships 2015 - Registration of Interest

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Registration of Interest for a Creative Agency

England Hockey (EH) is the National Governing Body for the sport of hockey in England for both men and women. EH has won the rights to host the EuroHockey Championships in 2015. This prestigious event will take place at the Olympic legacy venue, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, between Friday 21st and Sunday 30th August 2015. Over 25,000 spectators and a TV audience of over 100m are expected to enjoy a feast of hockey. England Hockey is working closely with the European Hockey Federation, UK Sport, London and Partners, and Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to deliver a stand out event.

This is the start of a four year period for England Hockey that will see us hosting a major international tournament each year. Following the EuroHockey Championships we have three world level events in consecutive years 2016, 2017 and 2018, culminating in the FIH (International Hockey Federation) Women’s World Cup.

These events along with major EH domestic finals, the Investec London Cup and ongoing international matches will establish the new events home of England Hockey at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, at the north of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

This document outlines the background to the opportunity, information about our objectives related to the EuroHockey Championships and wider events portfolio, and details of the Registration of Interest requirements.

England Hockey is seeking a creative agency to work to maximise these opportunities and reach out to a wider audience.

England Hockey’s Business and Brand Strategy

In 2013 we rolled out our business and brand strategy for 2013-17. A document detailing this is included with this Registration of Interest. Staging major events is key to our business aims in terms of delivering international success, growing the visibility of the sport, stimulating more people to participate in our sport and to grow commercially. These events are an extension of our brand strategy and an opportunity for us to raise awareness, shape perceptions and drive engagement with both our sport and England Hockey.

A document detailing this is included with this Registration of Interest.

England Hockey’s CRM Strategy and the Hockey demographic

We have also done significant work in the last 12 months developing our CRM strategy and have divided our customer universe into participants, deliverers and followers, and again by levels of attachment within these groups – strongly attached, attached and considerers. Our aspiration is to grow the numbers of people who are strongly attached followers (SAFs) ie the numbers who regularly attend England Hockey matches. In laymen’s terms, we want to grow our fan base. This will come from people already in the Hockey fraternity but also from those who have seen the sport on TV, played it at school or were one of the 630k who watched it at London 2012.

In terms of the insight into our market and the potential growth of SAFs, the following are some key pointers -

  • AB demographic – 78% management, professional, self-employed, student. Average salary circa. £40k
  • 52% male, 48% female
  • Family-orientated sport
  • Broad nationwide reach
  • Heavy consumers of media, early adopters of new technology, active lifestyles including playing other sports, image conscious

In terms of specific insight related to ticket buyers –

  • • Over-index in terms of family purchases, particularly with younger children
  • • Likely to be mum buying the ticket with dad’s credit card but a real family outing
  • • Under-index in London purchasers compared to other Olympic sports showing nationwide spread of hockey
  • • Under index in ticket buyers from ethnic minorities

A copy of the CRM strategy is included with this Registration of Interest.

Creative Brief Objectives

The primary objective of the brief will be to produce a creative for the EuroHockey Championships 2015 with an integrated approach incorporating the key event objectives detailed below.

Secondly the challenge is to enable EH to utilise derivatives of the creative on an ongoing basis for our own EH events portfolio, to enable continuity and to benefit from the success, profile and prestige of the EuroHockey Championships.

Creative Requirements

The list below provides a summary indicative list of the creative requirements.

  • EuroHockey Championships logo
  • EuroHockey Championships brand identity and brand guidelines
  • EuroHockey Championships ‘look and feel’
  • Composite partners logo
  • EuroHockey Championships microsite
  • EuroHockey Championships operations collateral – online ticketing facia, ticket wallets, accreditation passes, signage etc.
  • EuroHockey Championships marketing collateral – adverts, flyers, web banners, posters etc.
  • Potential ‘thread’ to develop across EH major events
  • Application of this ‘thread’ to the new legacy home for hockey

The Products

1. EuroHockey Championships 2015

The primary requirement of the creative brief will be to profile and maximise the delivery of the Championships against the key event objectives. A summary profile of the event is included.

Event Mission Statement

To profitably deliver a world-class event that raises the profile of hockey in England and inspires people to get more engaged with our sport.

Key Event Objectives

  1. Deliver income targets notably ticket sales
  2. Provide a world-class experience for all 7 stakeholder groups
  3. Maximise the reach of the event through TV/media and build a fan base
  4. Establish a new home for hockey and provide an operational platform on which to build for 2016-18
  5. Engage with the local community around the legacy venue and translate the visibility into increased participation both locally and beyond

Considerations and Mandatory Inclusions

Due to contractual requirements with EHF, the event logo must include –

  • EuroHockey in the way EHF uses it (files attached)
  • The EHF stars
  • The EHF colours
  • Place for a title sponsor

2. EH Major Events Portfolio

The secondary consideration of the brief is to use an element of the EuroHockey creative to provide a ‘thread’ that will link both EH major events together with our new events legacy venue.

EH Vision

Our vision is for England to be a ‘Nation Where Hockey Matters’.

EH Major Events Objectives

  1. Increase the profile and visibility of our sport.
  2. Increase our fan base (strongly attached and attached followers)
  3. Develop pride in our nation’s hockey teams.
  4. Increase commercial revenue.
  5. Inspire young people and adults to follow in the footsteps of their heroes.

The England Hockey calendar of major events incorporates the following:

  • Maxinutrition Hockey5s Finals – culmination of domestic indoor season
  • NOW:Pensions Men’s Hockey League Finals
  • Investec Women’s Hockey League Finals
  • NOW:Pensions Nations Cup – International fixture(s)
  • Investec London Cup – International four nations men’s and women’s tournament

The Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre will open for business in late May 2014 with the first major EH event to be hosted there being the Investec London Cup in early July.

We have won the rights to host the 2016 Women’s Champions Trophy, 2017 Men’s World League Round 3 and 2018 Women’s World Cup and hope that the 2015 event will be the start of a longer-term partnership with an agency around our major events.


The thread should reflect the EH Business and Brand Strategy 2013-2017.

Registrations of Interest

Companies wishing to register interest in this opportunity are required to submit the following to England Hockey.

  1. A brief introduction to your company - to include your company history, core business activities, client list and contact details for the individual(s) dealing with the tender process.
  2. An example of a project your company has undertaken that is most akin to the one outlined in this Registration of Interest – including creatives and details of meeting/surpassing set objectives.
  3. Details of the individual(s) who would work with England Hockey on this piece of work - including names, position within the organisation, synopsis of relevant experience and confirmation of availability to meet the timescales outlined below.
  4. Details of how you would approach this work – including process and timings. The event logo is to be delivered by 15 April 2014 and the micro-site to go live on 1 May 2014.
  5. Your proposed approach to fees – including process for development of concept and brand guidelines, and a rate card for future bespoke collateral.
  6. Two references from your previous work.


Registration of interest should be returned to England Hockey by 14 February 2014.

Up to 5 agencies may be shortlisted and requirements for this second phase will be supplied to these selected agencies. This will include some creative concepts. Presentations for those short-listed will take place w/c 3 March 2014 at England Hockey’s offices at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. A decision will be made w/c 7 March 2014. The selected agency will be required to have developed concepts available by 25 March 2014 and we need to be in a position to present these to the EuroHockey Championship Stakeholder Board on 27 March in London.

Submission of Registration

Two copies of the completed Registration should be mailed to “EuroHockey 2015 Creative Agency” to:

Mark Moisley
England Hockey
Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre
SL 7 1RR

Or emailed to

To arrive no later than 5.00 pm on 14 February 2014.
England Hockey will not consider any registration which is received after this time, or which does not meet any of the other requirements set out in this invitation to register.

For Further Information Contact: Mark Moisley, England Hockey Marketing Manager at or 01628 897522