The League Finals Weekends are taking shape

Hockey League Finals Weekends

In the NOW: Pensions Men's Hockey League East Grinstead, Reading, Beeston and Surbiton have all qualified for the chance to be crowned Champions. For the Investec Women's Hockey League Canterbury, Reading, Surbiton and Clifton have now made their way into the top four.

There's only one week and one final weekend left until we know all the teams who will be fighting for glory, promotion from the Conferences, or to avoid relegation. You can be there too - advance tickets are still available, with savings upwards of 25% compared to on the door.

For the men, the fourth and final playoff team from the Premier Division was decided a fortnight ago, meaning East Grinstead, Reading, Beeston and Surbiton have all earned themselves enough points that they can't be knocked out of the top four. There are only seven points between first and fourth place, so while Surbiton can't make it to the top spot the other three are all still in with a shot, with East Grinstead currently taking the edge on goal difference.

At the other end of the table there are four teams that could still potentially find themselves in the relegation spot before the league ends, so it's all to play for. Meanwhile in the three Conferences there are still several teams vying for their place in the play-off tournament, where the top two winners will earn a place in the Premier Division.

In the women's Investec Premier Division the final place has now been decided, meaning Canterbury, Reading, Surbiton and Clifton have now all guaranteed their presence at the Finals Weekend.

In the women's Conference East and Conference West two teams have taken a great enough lead that they can't be topped in their run for the play off tournament, but there's still one play-off tournament place to go. The top spot for Conference North is still to play for, where Brooklands Poynton can still be overtaken by Wakefield if the latter wins while the former draws or loses.

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