Players' Teams of the Season - NOW: Pensions Men's Hockey League

Recently we asked the players in the NOW: Pensions Men's Hockey League to put their votes in for their players of the season, and the votes are in! Using those votes, we've been able to make the teams of the season and highlight the player's player of the season.

Premier Division

Men's Premier Division players of the season 2014

In the Premier Division two players stood out for the number of votes that were cast in their favour: Nick Catlin and Sam Ward. Sam has made a name for himself throughout the season, frequently featuring on the scoresheet and narrowly losing out on the top-scorer spot for the season to his fellow team-of-the-season player Matt Daly. Nick Catlin as player of the season shows he's an England International for a reason (along with a lot of his team mates above!), while Beeston continues their tradition of high representation on the team of the season - five players last year and four this year.


Conference East

Men's Conference East players of the season 2014

Barry Middleton takes the lead here as player of the season, joined by Holcombe team-mates Danny Hall (also the top scorer of the league with 23) and Dan Fox. After Southgate topping the season, it's to be expected that they've got several players on this fantasy team, especially including star goalkeeper Chris Hibbert who with his team has only conceded 22 goals in 18 games.


Conference North

Men's Conference North players of the season 2014 

Khalsa's sole representative on the team shows what a standout player David Harris has been, even as Khalsa find themselves in the relegation tournament fighting to stay in the Premier League. Bowdon and Brooklands MU find themselves matched for players at three apiece - only three points separated the teams at the season's end, so clearly both teams have been doing something right!


Conference West

Men's Conference West players of the season 2014

The team of the season for Conference West shows more of a mixed bag than the other divisions, as three teams have two players each in the ranks. Cardiff & Met topped the season, so it's to be expected that Liam Brignull and Henry Eriksson, both veterans of the team of the season, might have found their way into the ranks. Top-scorer Nick Cooper of the University of Exeter makes his debut, while Simon Mason of Guildford will be used to his place as goalkeeper of the season.


*Denotes Player's Player of the Season
(##)Top Scorer

Premier Division
George Pinner - Beeston
Iain Lewers - East Grinstead
Tim Whiteman - Beeston
Andy Bull - East Grinstead
Mike Hoare - Wimbledon
Adam Dixon - Beeston
Kwan Browne - Canterbury
Nick Catlin* - Reading
Sam Ward - Beeston
Dave Beckett - Cannock
Matt Daly (22) - Surbiton

Conference East
Chris Hibbert - Southgate
Rick Gay - Southgate
Dan Fox - Holcombe
Elliot Smith - Cambridge City
George Farrant - Old Loughtonians
Jonty Robinson - Southgate
Andy Cornick - Oxted
Barry Middleton* - Holcombe
Chris Seddon - Teddington
Danny Hall (23) - Holcombe
Jack Hardy - Richmond

Conference North
Rob Turner - Bowdon
Peter Flanagan (21) - Brooklands MU
Zac Brazel - Bowdon
David Brough - Olton & WW
Tom Brickman - University of Durham
Oliver Stoddart - Wakefield
Phil Dutoy - Brooklands MU
Alex Humphreys - Bowdon
Sam Driver - University of Durham
David Flanagan - Brooklands MU
David Harris* - Khalsa

Conference West
Simon Mason - Guildford
Will Pearce - Cheltenham
Henry Eriksson - Cardiff & Met
Oliver Clarke - University of Exeter
Will Byas - Birmingham University
Robert Wilson - Fareham
Liam Brignull* - Cardiff & Met
Warren D’Souza - Indian Gymkhana
Nick Cooper (22) - University of Exeter
Tejinder Hanpsal - Indian Gymkhana
Tim Davenport - Team Bath Buccaneers