England Hockey Board Synopsis 2014

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Rich Beer, Danny Kerry, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, Tony Moffatt, Katy Roberts, Sue Bodycomb, Katie Legg, Richard Leman

Observing: Richard Sykes

Apologies for Absence: There were no apologies for absence

1. Minutes of meeting held on January 2014

a) Points of accuracy:
The Board accepted some points of accuracy.

b) Out of meeting Board discussion on Foreign Currency exposure.
Ian Wilson had circulated by email on 18th February, a paper asking for approval to enter into foreign currency forward contracts relating to rights fees for future major events. The paper set out the background, the risks and the proposed course of action. The paper also set out Barclays’ requirement for EH to hold £150k in a designated deposit account. The Board had responded by email and agreed to enter into the forward contracts.

c) Matters arising
Outstanding action from January carried forward.

2. Executive Report
As read with the following points:

  • Further to the note in the Executive Directors’ Report about the Sport England Annual Review, Sally Munday updated the Board on discussions with Sport England.
  • Rich Beer reminded people that Sport England use the Active People Survey which measures the frequency and consistency of participation through asking how many times someone has played in the last 28 days- so whilst we are seeing a growth in the actual numbers of people playing the game the challenge with Active People is driving greater consistency of participation. This is hugely challenging given the long-term behavioural change that has been happening in the sport towards less consistent playing habits.
  • It was confirmed that Pakistan men had accepted England Hockey’s invite to the Investec London Cup in 2014 but we are still awaiting confirmation of the 4th team and as soon as the line ups are finalized EH will go on sale with the tickets.

3. Growing Participation

Bev Blackburn joined the meeting and gave a presentation on the ‘Back to Hockey’ campaign which will launch on 28 April and will run for 6 weeks. The purpose of the campaign is to attract 2000 more women into the sport and is aiming for 200 clubs to pick up on the campaign. It was originally run in 2011 and over the last three years 226 clubs have run Back to Hockey sessions. There is the possibility of running the campaign twice a year with the timings currently being discussed. Sue Bodycomb commented that ‘Back to Hockey’ is run at her local club on a Sunday morning at the same time as the Sunday junior sessions and captures a lot of women at that time.

Katie Dodd asked what the link was between Back to Hockey and Rush Hockey and Bev Blackburn explained that both Back to Hockey and Rush use bigger balls for training and with Back to Hockey there is the possibility to progress to Rush Hockey. Back to Hockey also offers another option of how people want to play with some women continuing in Back to Hockey rather than joining the formal club environment.

4. Increased Visibility

a) CRM business proposition for information
Jonathan Cockcroft and Rich Beer presented the CRM proposal to the Board which set out to increase England Hockey’s understanding of participation habits and the strongly attached participants. The Board agreed to develop the business plan for the project and consider this at a future meeting.

b) Maxi 5’s recommendations for approval
Jonathan Cockcroft introduced the synopsis. The late decision by the FIH to change indoor hockey from 6-a-side to 5-a-side had significantly impacted on planning and preparations as well as creating additional re-branding costs. Despite this ticket sales had been good and the Board commended him on its success.

The Board also discussed future plans for the event.

5. International Success

No items

6. Strong and respected NGB

a) Performance budget
Ian Wilson introduced this item and set out the background to the development of a performance budget since the original UK Sport funding announcement in December 2012. He confirmed that England Hockey was spending the same amount on the senior programmes in terms of the last cycle although the new FIH calendar placed greater demands on the money

b) Management Accounts
The Board was advised that there were no new trends or significant changes from the last Board meeting. However, he did confirm that the move to more separate campaigns rather than ongoing activity had had an impact on some of the development budget. Ian Wilson also said that work on the year end projection was now starting.

The Executive team confirmed to the board that this year’s operational planning is under discussion.

c) HR Strategy

Michele Townsend joined the meeting and presented the HR Strategy. She explained that an internal staff survey had been completed in order to gain insight into what made EH’s staff feel valued in the workplace and this had informed the new strategy

7. AOB

Philip Kimberley thanked Ben Rea who will be stepping down from the board after 9 years of service and his long standing and very significant contribution to EH and its predecessor organisations.