Player's Teams of the Season - Investec Women's Hockey League

Recently we asked the players in the Investec Women's Hockey League to put their votes in for their players of the season, and the votes are in! Using those votes, we've been able to make the teams of the season and highlight the player's player of the season.

Premier Division

Women's Premier Division players of the season

Alex Danson has proved to be a star player in more ways than one after being named player’s player of the season as well as netting the top scorer position in the Premier Division. Four other international players also make up the ranks, with Lily Owsley, Jo Leigh, Kate Richardson-Walsh and Sam Quek also making their way onto the team of the season. Several of these players will also be making an appearance at the Investec Women’s Hockey League Finals Weekend as Reading, Clifton and Canterbury all finished the season in the top four.


Conference East

Women's Conference East players of the season

In Conference East it’s Holcombe who stand out for their majority of players on the team of the season, including the player’s player. Again the player’s player of the season is also the top scorer, as Megan Frazer clearly made her name memorable by frequently making her way onto the scoresheet! She’s backed up by team-mates Leigh Maasdorp, England player Laura Unsworth and England goalkeeper Maddie Hinch. Maddie’s only let 11 goals pass her this season – a record to be proud of and well deserving of a goalkeeper of the season spot. In what might be a first there are seven teams represented on the team of the season field, which shows what a great spread of talent there is across Conference East.


Conference North

Women's Conference North players of the season

Sally Walton of Wakefield takes the lead here as yet another combination player’s player/top scorer for Conference North, as well as being the runaway winner for number of votes in the Attacker of the Season category. Her Wakfield team-mates Georgia Byas and Rosie Tootell make sure she’s not lonely on the team of the season field, and fellow team of the season attacker Philipa Lewis of University of Durham has been snapping at her heels this season for the top-scorer award – only three goals were in it!


Conference West

Women's Conference West players of the season

The Conference West team of the season is awash with black kit as Buckingham makes up the midfield line and Slough has a solitary place at the front courtesy of attacker Melissa Ball. The player’s player of the season is Claire Thomas of Isca, and she’s the top-scorer with more goals scored than anyone else in the entire Investec Women’s Hockey League (and a similar score was achieved last year)! Five out of 11 of these players have been on the team of the season before (Claire Thomas, Kim Pullon, Katrin Budd, Zoe Shipperley and Jo Ellis), so it’s good to see that they’re keeping up the good work.


* Denotes Player's Player of the Season
(##)Top Scorer

Premier Division
Caitlin Jeffries - Clifton
Kate Richardson-Walsh - Reading
Mel Clewlow - Canterbury
Sam Quek - Reading
Harriet Pearce - Clifton
Nikki Kidd - Canterbury
Emily Defroand - University of Birmingham
Jo Leigh - Clifton
Alex Danson* - Reading (15)
Katie Long - Leicester
Lily Owsley - University of Birmingham

Conference East
Maddie Hinch - Holcombe
Joanna Davis - East Grinstead
Hayley Heggie - Chelmsford
Laura Unsworth - Holcombe
Amy Tippen - Wimbledon
Chloe Rogers - Old Loughtonians
Emma Lee Smith - Harleston Magpies
Leigh Maasdorp - Holcombe
Magan Frazer* - Holcombe (17)
Jet van Zalen - Sevenoaks
Sam Archer - St. Albans

Conference North
Michelle Thomas - Brooklands Poynton
Claire Dobison - Whitley Bay & Tynemouth
Sophie Clough - University of Durham
Rosie Tootell - Wakefield
Emily Burgwin - Loughborough Students
Phillipa Harmison - Whitley Bay and Tynemouth
Georgia Byas - Wakefield
Lora Symonds - Stourport
Sally Walton* - Wakefield (14)
Ellie Tait - Loughborough Students
Phillipa Lewis - University of Durham

Conference West
Anna Lugg Morris - Swansea
Zoe Shipperley - Buckingham
Nat Blythe - Swansea
Takara Haines - Oxford Hawks
Katrin Budd - Swansea
Katrina Nicholson - Buckingham
Alex Naughalty - Buckingham
Jo Ellis - Buckingham
Claire Thomas* - Isca (22)
Kim Pullon - Gloucester City
Melissa Ball - Slough