England finish with victory over Scotland

Alastair Brogdon celebrates with captain Barry Middleton after scoring the final goal in today's game against Scotland

Crutchley’s side rounds off Four Nations tournament with 5-1 victory to take third. East Grinstead duo of Ashley Jackson & David Condon contributed three goals after Scotland made several squad changes following significant injuries.

Ashley Jackson 8 (PC)
David Condon 22, 27 (FG, FG)
Simon Mantell 29 (FG)
Alastair Brogdon 69 (FG)

Wei Adams 69 (FG)

The last match of the Four Nations was turned into a test match to allow Scotland to bring in extra players after seven of their original squad of 18 players suffered injuries. The changes meant that the hosts had to field an inexperienced side and England were able to take full advantage of this as they put in a dominant display at the National Hockey Centre in Glasgow to beat Scotland 5-1.

The goals came from East Grinstead duo Ashley Jackson and David Condon (2), Reading’s Simon Mantell and Wimbledon’s Alastair Brogdon.

Speaking after the game, man of the match, Ashley Jackson said, “We’re delighted with the first half today, though we dropped off a bit in the second and we’re annoyed that we conceded that one goal. On the whole we’re happy with our performance over the course of the week – we’re improving every time we play, and our performances are getting better. We’ve played a couple of teams that we could potentially face at the World Cup, so it’s important to play them and to make sure that we’re in a better position when we finally meet them in The Hague.”

After an early push by Scotland for England’s circle, the rest of the half was characterised by a defensive home side as England were relentless in their attacks. Once they won their first penalty corner eight minutes in, Ashley Jackson opened the scoring with a drag-flick straight into the top right-hand corner.

It was nearly fifteen minutes before England added to the score line again via David Condon, diving in to the circle to deflect the ball through Jamie Cachia’s legs. He followed that up five minutes later by taking advantage of the keeper losing sight of the ball, after an initial save, to send the ball round him and bring the score up to 3-0.

With barely five minutes of the first half left Simon Mantell added to the tally, with a pass to Nick Catlin coming straight back and requiring him to slide on his knees to lift the ball over the keeper. In the last few minutes Scotland were pushing to try and gain back some ground, but they were unable to make anything of it before the break.

As the sun came out briefly for the second half, Scotland continued to try and make something of the game. A more attacking approach saw several breaks from their own half, but the hosts were unable to get enough players up in attack and there were only a handful of shots on goal which James Bailey in England’s goal was able to deal with.

It took until the 69th minute for Scotland to get on the score-sheet – as Willie Marshall fired a shot at goal, it was deflected off the post to Wei Adams, who was able to put it past Bailey to make it 4-1. From the restart Alastair Brogdon was straight out of the gates, running up the pitch to get the ball in the circle, and an accurate reverse-stick shot meant England got back their four goal lead and a 5-1 victory.

Up next in the England men’s squad calendar they’re travelling to The Hague for a series of games against the Netherlands in preparation for the Rabobank Hockey World Cup. The match on Saturday 3 May will be capped and a press release will be issued following the game.

Four Nations Final Standings

1. Belgium
2. Argentina
3. England
4. Scotland

Four Nations match schedule & results

Friday 25 April
1700 - England v Argentina 2-2 (1-1)
1900 - Belgium v Scotland 4-3 (2-1)

Saturday 26 April
1500 - England v Scotland 3-1 (1-1)
1700 - Argentina v Belgium 1-2 (1-1)

Monday 28 April
0900 - Scotland v Argentina 2-5 (1-2)
1100 - Belgium v England 2-1 (1-0)

Tuesday 29 April
0900 - Belgium v Argentina (1st v 2nd) 2-2 (1-0) (3-0 shoot out)
1100 - England v Scotland (3rd v 4th) 5-1 (4-0)