Player surveys re-open as effective club development tool

Club Engagement and Player survey - photo by Chris Hobson

Clubs play a critical role in the facilitation of over 100,000 people’s involvement in hockey. To enable England Hockey to engage more efficiently with clubs and players alike we have recently run questionnaires to support the development of the Club Strategy.

The Club Strategy will aim to provide the inspiration, tools and support to enable clubs to provide an excellent experience for participants. At all levels this will help to increase participation, develop talent and increase the profile of hockey, all to achieve our objective of being a nation where hockey matters.

Due to the high number of responses received it has been decided to re-open the player surveys as a development tool for clubs. Now open until the end of May 2014, clubs have the additional opportunity to utilise this tool to gather feedback from their players and further enhance their club.

A detailed club report containing all player responses will be produced for each club who encourage more than eight of their players to respond. With information on the impact of social dynamics through to training and coaching, this report will provide clubs with a unique insight into the positive aspects of the club environment alongside features that can be targeted for improvement.

In addition to receiving the club report there is also the opportunity to win free affiliation. Clubs that have the greatest number of player responses will be entered into the prize draw for the opportunity to win a team’s free affiliation for a year!

Click here to find out more about the Club Strategy and access the Player Survey. For more information please contact